Monday, August 30, 2010

Tiene mis respectos

Hello, fam!

Soooo good to hear from you again! It is always a much anticipated time for me, too!

In response to what you told me and what Dad told me . . . How cool that the Clippers could end up with Carmello! It would kill me big time to lose Griffin or Gordon, though . . . Any of the other players, I’m okay with losing. Let Clippers management know my feelings . . . LOL . . Thanks!

The article Dad sent me was too sad . . . The one about the Bishop being shot. Signs of the times? Sad . . .

Thanks for getting’ the picture to Bishop so long ago . . . You’re the woman!

I think I might know what I wanna do after the Mission, so I dunno if we have to apply to all colleges (smiley face). I’ll let you know where in just a sec . . . Oooooo . . . Is the suspense killin’ ya? Huh? Is it? Is it? Huh?

Oh! And that’s very cool that Dylan got that calling (Co-chairperson of the Stake Youth Committee) . . . He’s such a good kid. Such a great example . . . Honestly . . . Good, good kid. Tiene mis respectos.

I didn’t know the US was playing sooo, sooo well. That’s cool! I only saw a li’l article once in a newspaper and it said Gordon (my boy) has been really, really good. That’s amazing!

As for DearElders, I haven’t gotten any in a while because of changes in Office Elders, but I should get all of it tomorrow . . . So, thank you!

Okay . . . I’ll give my updates . . . LOL . . .

To answer Dad’s question from last week . . . Don’t worry . . . I still read the Book of Mormon every day. I’m currently in Mosiah. By the way, I read Chapter 5 of Jacob really slowly and, ummm, I think that’s probably the best chapter in the entire Book of Mormon. Honestly . . . It’s amazing . . . I also am in the book of Ezra right now in the Old Testament. I’ve already read the New Testament but I still have a ways to go this time. I think I’ve only read about 65% of the bible as of now. I’m gonna finish it all before the end of the mission, though! I gots to do it, my dawgs!

Two Bible questions now, though, Dad . . . Was the Levitical Priesthood changed to the Aaronic in these verses? 1 Chronicles 23:24-28? Or when and how was the name changed? Also, why does it talk about two half tribes of Menasseh and not a whole tribe? I think that one jumped my head . . . Thanks!

Questions . . . Maybe Dad or someone can answer them . . . Where are Spencer, Baker, Neal, Tyree, etc . . . All my friends . . . Where are they now? Are they still playin’ ball?

Happy Birthday in this past week, Tom!

Do you think there is any way you could send me my mission calling video? You know, when I got home from practice and opened my call? Maybe you could send it by e-mail? I dunno . . . Let me know . . .

Well . . . This past Wednesday, my trainer, Elder Ireland, left me and went home. It was actually really, really sad. I really love that kid. He and Elder Legua are two good, good buddies. It’s weird having P-Day without him. And not just being able to talk with him by phone or anything. He was a good, good guy. I’ll see him after the mission when I visit Tom and Ash, though, ‘cause he is from Denver.

This week, we were contacting . . . As we were finishing contacting, we contacted an inactive lady and she started telling us her long reason why she hasn’t come to Church in so long . . . At the end, though, she said that we were a huge answer to her prayers from the night before and she said it was really nice to know that God still hasn’t forgotten about her! She then said she would be in church someday soon. It’s really cool how we are guided from door to door. And we don’t normally go contacting too many doors in her area . . . It was really, really cool.

Well . . . That’s ‘bout all I got for now! I sure love you all and look forward to hearing from you! Love you soooo, soooo much! Be safe and smart . . . All of you!

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