Monday, August 9, 2010

Elder Jensen is willin' to die for a good burger!

Thank you for all of your great updates! It sounds like it was a pretty fun week! It makes me happy to know that you guys are happy! It really, really does . . .

Well, I really hopt that Dallas is doing well with his bum . . . Is it bruised worse than when I bruised my bum out on the lake with Stacie and Dylan? That was a huuuuuuge bruise! It seemed like every time I went up to practice with SJCC, I fell on it, too! Oooo . . . Not fun! Get better soon, bra!

I really enjoyed the Aaliyah stories, too. Oh, and it makes me feel good that she still sleeps in a Pull-Up ‘cause that means she isn’t waaaaay too big yet even though she looks like she’s all grown up and is old enough to be wearing Stacie’s thongs or something. Well . . . Not that grown up . . . LOL . . . But she looks grown up!

So . . .

Do you think I could get into BYU or UVU right after my Mission? Also, does Gav or MPC have a soccer team? My boy, Elder Legua, and I just know that we gotta be livin’ together after the mission so we are tryin’ to figure out what our options will be. Obviously, he’s a soccer player . . .

Well, let’s see hurrrr . . . This week, we had the famous and talked up Zone Leader Council! It was held on Wednesday and I got to go for the first time! It was cool . . . We got to learn a lot from President which was very cool again. Then we just went over all the Zone stats and dats. Our Zone was leading in some things and the best part is that we have been leading in Baptisms this change! The best part ‘bout the Zone Leader Council, though, was the lunch for sure. We ate hamburgers and you know that good ol’ Elder Jensen is always willin’ to die for a good burger!

Then, on Friday, we had Zone Conference. We had the opportunity to hear more from President and his wife. We also heard good talks from Elder Wixom and Elder Petersen. Then, I got to give my talk to end the Conference. Ooooo . . . Talk about nervous! I got up and didn’t know how to start ‘cause I was all nervous! But, then I started talking and it all came pretty easy. Luckily, I had prepared well and had been praying all week to be able to give a good talk. Plus, I received all of your prayers and that helped a lot, too! My talk was a li’l long, but I got lots and lots of nice comments afterward from missionaries and also from Hermana Torres. LOL . . . She told me I should use that talk again when I am an Apostle ‘cause that’s how good it was . . . LOL . . . I don’t believe that, good Hermana . . . Slow down . . . LOL . . . But I do feel confident that I gave a good talk which is all I prayed for.

Crazy that this is Week 6 of this change already! This change has flown bye! All of a sudden, I’m gonna be finishing my mission and I’ll be home with all of you again! I sure miss you all and I love you all soo, soo much! Kim . . . You’re in my prayers! I promise! Everyone be safe and good! Take care! Thanks for all the love! Oh, and Mom . . . Keep the good Clipper updates comin’ on DearElder if ya can! Ya know I love ‘em! LOL . . . Love you!

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