Thursday, October 29, 2009

"I have the Priesthood and the right to have a hand in miracles!"

Hello, Fam Bam!

LOL . . . Mom, I think you HAVE told me how much you love Mondays! But I love ‘em soooo, soooo much, too! I love, love gettin’ to hear from you guys! Oh, and I love how you send dearelders, too, so I can hear some stories. Those letters rock!

I’m glad Dylan feels the same way I did about Zion’s Choir. That makes me feel like not such a bum. It’s just a big commitment and he can’t quit or she’ll hate the Jensens forever after I quit, too! Yikes! Make sure he knows my advice on playin’ baseball! LOL! I’m always right on these things!

You guys are soooooooo, so lucky that you all get to live together! Can we do that when I get home, too? Plleaseeeeeee?

Sounds like you guys had a good time at the Princess thang . . . Nice, nice . . . That’s cool that your work provides things like that for you!

And, don’t worry, Mom . . . You’re in my prayers to play that song on the piano, but I know you can do it! You’re a piano stud! Just a li’l practice makes perfect for you!

Okay . . . I have a few questions . . .

Did you get my letters yet? Especially the one with the memory card inside?

Does the NBA really start tomorrow? My Clips vs. your Li’l Girls?

I think you need to make sure you buy a Blake Griffin jersey for me. Maybe you can frame it or something and just put it on the wall in my room at home. Then just send me a picture of it for Christmas! LOL! Really, though . . . Good plan?

Oh, a really important question . . . Can you have everyone in our family . . . All nine of us . . . Well, minus me, so eight . . . Everyone needs to give me their favorite, famous saying for each member of the family. So everyone should write eight of them. For example, write the name and phrase . . . Dad – You know the rules better than anyone, bud . . . Stuff like that. Try to get the list to me asap, though! Can you please?!?! I’m already makin’ my list . . .

I think that’s all my questions . . . LOL . . .

My stories . . .

A member called us and asked for a blessing because he had a really bad problem with his knee. So, I got to give a blessing this week and my Companion did the anointing. It was really cool, though, ‘cause I can talk a little Spanish now so the blessing flowed pretty good and it just had a cool message to it. That was on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, on Sunday, the man bore his testimony in class on the Priesthood and started crying. He said that the day after the blessing, he was perfectly fine and able to work! How cool that language doesn’t really matter! All that matters is that I have the Priesthood and the right to have a hand in these miracles!

This was our last week of this change and my Companion, being a District Leader, had our whole District over one night to do a nice big fire on our roof! We had pizza and a sleep over! It was a pretty fun night! Then I had to share my bed....

My Companion really, really wants to go into the Army when he gets home so Hermana Ligias’ husband (who works as a big, important guy in Central America for security stuff) made a call to one of his friends so we could visit him and he could show us stuff. Well, we went to the Army base or whatever and the guy wasn’t there for our appointment, so we started to leave. But, some other guy was really nice and showed us around and told us all about training and everything. It was pretty cool. Did you know that Guatemala has an alliance with the United States and Israel and all that good stuff? Pretty cool, I thought!

I can’t chop wood . . . Well, my Companion gave me the crappiest piece to chop when we were doin’ some service. But, still . . . I stink at it . . .

I got to go on Division on Saturday, but for a pretty dumb reason. My Companion got to go to the Temple with Elder Fyfe because one of their baptisms was entering the Temple. President Torres said Elder Fyfe’s Companion and I should just do Divisions so we could work done and because we didn’t baptize the people who were going through the Temple. I was all excited because I thought I would get to go though . . . But, Elder Fyfe’s Companion, Elder Minero, came to my area and we had Divisions until about 3pm in the afternoon because started at around 6am in the morning! Elder Minero was a cool guy, though. He’s a 22 year old from El Salvador and it was his first change so he’s even newer than me! Cool kid, though!

My companion got a haircut this week . . . Hahahahaha . . . He ended up pretty mad. I saw him gettin’ his haircut and saw that the lady who was cutting his hair wasn’t on top of her game that day, so I just told her I was gonna wait until this next week . . . LOL . . .

I got to eat Taco Bell on Friday! The first time I’ve had it in over four months! Weird, seeing as I had it every other day at home! Here, Taco Bell has fries, though . . . And the burritos aren’t as American Mexican. LOL . . . It was still good, though!

How frustrating that I can’t remember how any of my favorite songs from home go! Even “Let it Bleed”! I think that was my top listened to song on iTunes and I can’t even remember the tune! Ahhhhh! I miss The Used! LOL . . . And country! And rock! It’s really, really weird . . . I haven’t listened to music in soooo long . . . Well, not my music from home. I always hear the Spanish music in the street and everything . . .

A kid in our Ward got his Mission call. I’m not sure where he’s goin’ yet, but his sister got hers like a week before him and she’s goin’ to Honduras! Cool stuff, huh?

Welp, I love you billion! Not much more I can say! I wish there was another way to say it because just saying “I love you” gets old. Just know that when I say it, I mean it with aaaaaalllll my heart, family, and friends! Holler at me!

Oh! And I forgot to tell you that Change Conference was this morning. Well, I’m staying here and my Companion is staying, too! So, I get to “kill him” . . . LOL . . . That’s missionary terms for the fact that I get to be with him when he ends his Mission. We have our goal set for three baptisms again! We’ve still have to get a lot of work done, but we can do it!

The really, really, really sad thing, though, is that Elder Legua left my District. Everyone knew he was bound for Polochic ‘cause he knows Spanish so well. And, yea, he got sent there today. So, he will probably be learning Ke’kchi for the rest of his Mission. When missionaries go there early in their missions, they don’t really ever come out. So, it’s really, really possible that I won’t see him again for a reaaaaalllly long time. And he is my best friend in the Mission . . . Yea, I’m a li’l sad . . . The other wost part is that they took Elder Larsen there, too . . . And he’s my other best friend here in the mission . . . Yea, it makes me pretty sad . . . Well, I push on! The Mission isn’t about friends, I know . . . Still sad, though . . .

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"My brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man"

Heyyyyyy, yo!

I’m very, very happy that you got my letter! And I sent four more letters out today! All for various people, of course! But I did send you the memory card, so I REALLY, REALLY hope it gets to you guys!

Don’t worry, Mom . . . I will let you know what’s goin’ on here. But just know that I’m always safe and protected here.

The “gallon challenge” didn’t happen this past weekend because the kid went to a soccer tourney, but we have it re-scheduled for this Wednesday! Man, I hope I can afford the milk! LOL! I’ve bought a lot of crap, but I haven’t used much of my own money yet. I’m tryin’ to save it for after the Mission, but we will see if I’m able to do that!

How exciting about Dallas and everyone moving in with you! I’m really, really, really jealous that I don’t get to be there for that!

Dylan’s life . . . I’m glad he likes Zion’s Choir . . . LOL . . . It just wasn’t for me. That goin’ up there every “resting day” was just too much for me. Who takes him every Sunday? And baseball . . . Don’t let him do it, Mom! It sounds super, super fun at first and baseball is even my favorite sport, but a sport isn’t fun when you aren’t good at it and don’t play (except in practice)! And then practicing every day is horrible, too! LOL! Dylan, I love you to bits, bud, but don’t do it! It sucked for me to have to quit baseball, but it just wasn’t right. Do as ya please, bra . . . but just know that I think it’s a kinda bad idea . . .

Nnnoooooowwwwww . . . For this week’s updates!!!!!

I finished my Muddy Buddies . . . Sad . . .

I’m reading in Alma in the Book of Mormon. In Enos, I thought it was interesting . . . I think you could say that it’s thanks to Enos and not Moroni that we have the Book of Mormon! Well, at least a bit part of the reason . . . ‘Cause he asked for God to make a promise with him that their records would be preserved and God granted him that promise. Kinda interesting I thought!

In the Bible, I finished the New Testament . . . I don’t know if I already told you guys that. Now I’m just in Genesis. Here is something interesting! Abraham was circumcised when he was 99 years old! Wow! Talk about dedication to the Lord! And, Ishmael was circumcised when he was 13! Painful! Oh! And the other thing from the Bible that you need to do is this . . . Read Genesis, Chapter 27, Verse 11, and replace the first name with my name (Derek), replace the second name with your name (Cherie) and the third name with Dylan . . . Hahahahaha . . . You should love it! (Genesis 27:11 “And Jacob (Derek) said to Rebekah (Cherie) his mother, Behold Esau (Dylan) my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man”)

Dad, I love the “Hope” e-mail you sent me . . . The talk you gave . . . But you gotta know this . . . That’s the exact talk that you gave me as a starting place for my Missionary Farewell talk! Haha! It’s a very good talk though, Dad, so I give you your props again!

This week we had service . . . Pssshhhhh . . . Talk about tough stuff! We had to move a huge room of sewing stuff . . . The machines and tables and everrrrryyything. I didn’t know how heavy all that stuff really is! We had to move it all way down the street! So, it was a lot ofcarrying down the stairs and down the street to the other house. Man! My biceps were supppppper sore the next day, but they gave us free dinner! So, it was worth it! My arms are so small right now though, too! It’s tough for me to find time to exercise every part of my body every day!

This week, we were talkin’ with our drunk friends again and I had printed out pictures of all of us together. They really, really wanted a copy of the picture the minute after we took it! So, I gave them the couple pictures and I’ve never seen them sooooo happy! They’re always happy, unless they’re passed out! But they were super, super, duper happy. And then they started crying to us how we are the only good friends they have. It really is sad that they can’t break their drinkin’ habit. They are good guys . . . Just a li’l lacking in the decision making department . . . But they always have cut up faces ‘cause people go by and kick them when they are drunk or passed out. People steal their shoes from them when they’re passed out. They get their backpacks and phones and jackets and whatever else they might have taken from them. It’s really, really sad. When we found one of our drunk friends the other day, he had had his shoes stolen, but he found little tiny sandals to wear . . . Like seven sizes too small without socks . . . His feet and his whole body are sooo dirty! It’s so sad that my Companion and I can’t do more to help . . .

Rosa Maria and her family (Rosa was one of our baptisms) were a li’l mad at us this week ‘cause we went there twice and only taught them how pray again and again and again . . . They need to know how to pray, though! And they need to know the importance of why we pray like we do!

When I was on Divisions like two weeks ago with Elder Escate, we knocked on a door and the lady was really cool but didn’t let us in. Well, this week, I felt like we should just knock on their door again to see how they really are. A guy answered the door this time and told us to come in right, right away. It was his wife that we had talked to before. But, it turns out he’s talked to Missionaries a bunch but doesn’t know if he can believe in the Book of Mormon ‘cause of historical facts. Of course, nothin’ historical proves the Book of Mormon wrong, but he knows his stuff. He brought out a map and was doin’ a timeline with the Maya and all the people that have lived in Central America and the people that lived in Jerusalem and all that. Well, I got to take out my back up map of the Book of Mormon and explained that to him (like the map that I sent to you guys). Then, he and my Companion were goin’ back and forth with examples and stuff and their own knowledge of the Bible. We had talked for more than two hours and he hadn’t progressed at all, of course, ‘cause all they were doin’ was, basically, tryin’ to prove each other wrong! So, I brought the house down to end it. I just interrupted him and told him that they only important thing and the only way we can know if the Book of Mormon is true is through prayer and gaining a testimony that way. Then I bore my testimony, of course. It was the first moment in the whole lesson, though, that we could feel the Spirit! So, it was really cool. I feel like he will receive an answer that it’s true if he really asks with a sincere heart to God, though. He knows a lot of stuff and God can help him know that the Church is true. I think this guy (David) is far away from baptism . . .

I’ve been talkin’ in the voice recorder so there are some things that I haven’t written that you will hear when you receive the tape at some point!

That’s about all of my updates for now, though! Let me know if you have questions . . . But I don’t have much more time so I’m outta here, ya’ll!

I love you billions upon “invinites”!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I love keeping my promises with the Lord

Hi, Dad!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been sufficient with my e-mails! Really . . . I’m sorry and thank you for caring so much! I’ll try to get to all of your questions . . . And thank you for Elise’s e-mail address.

Dad’s question - Do you receive mainly e-mail letters or Dear Elder Letters? Who have you heard from the most out of all of your friends?

As for hearin’ from my friends, I don’t really hear from many friends. I hear from you, Mom, Dylan, Ashley, Stacie, Aunt Skye and, randomly, some friends. But really just the fam which is my favorite anyway! It is tough to write though! I have an hour on the internet each P-Day. And I’m hardly ever at home on P-Day and that’s the only day I can write letters. I think it took me three separate P-Days to write the long letter to Dylan. This morning, though, I wrote four letters! One for Stacie, Sean Heath, Dylan and Aunt Skye. Hopefully I’ll have time to write more! But, like I said, I doubt it . . . LOL . . . I’ll try, though!

Dad’s question – I would really love to hear about your tracting experiences.

Tracting here is tough ‘cause it’s a huge area, but I love it. We don’t get to tract a whole lot because the walks from appointment to appointment are super long. I don’t really have any tracting stories, though, that I can remember. I’ll try to think . . .

Dad’s question – Can you tell me more about your teaching experiences?

Teaching is good and my Spanish is really, really improving, especially with a Latino Companion. I am still not even close to perfect, but I can teach much more effectively now. I believe we have five possibilities for Baptism right now. One young sister is eleven years old and she wants to wait to be baptized until her Mom is home in December. I’m guessing that we won’t be able to baptize her because my Companion and I will, most likely, have been transferred. But, we are still trying! Two other are “kinda” married . . . LOL . . . They are the ones that we were receiving lunch from for a long time. They are really close to Baptism but the “husband” is still married to another girl and they haven’t divorced yet, so to do all that paperwork could take some time. The other two that are really close aren’t married either, but they are also really, really close. The dad is progressing especially fast. Dang it in Guatemala though! They hate being married here!

Dad’s question – How is your Companion?

My Companion is awesome! I love him . . . Really . . . Yes, I’d like to marry him . . . It’s really weird how scared I was to have a Latin Companion, but this Companionship is, maybe, even better than my first one! And I didn’t really have problems with Elder Ireland. We butted heads a li’l sometimes ‘cause we are a lot alike, I think. But, in this Companionship with Elder Martinez, there are no problems! I can’t remember being mad at him once! The only problem is that he likes to walk really, really fast . . . LOL . . . But he’s great!

Dad’s question – How is your Ward? Do you have lots of member support?

Our Ward is really, really good. One of the better Wards in Guatemala I’ve heard! We get to go on “divisions” sometimes, too, ‘cause we have hard workin’ young men. A brother and sister both have their papers in right now to serve their missions. They are waiting on their calls together. This past week was pretty cool. The Young Men in our Ward (a lot of them) had really long hair and would wear jackets while passing the Sacrament and stuff. So, for Mutual, my companion and I gave out some tough words. My Companion and I cut our hair before we talked with them to set an example. We weren’t sure how they would respond. But, guess what? Yesterday, three kids had their hair cut like mine, all of them wore white shirts with slacks and none of them wore a jacket! They also passed the Sacrament much more reverently. It was pretty cool. I let them know I was proud of them because I think they needed to hear that.

Dad’s question – How is your Bishop and Ward Mission Leader? How are your Ward Correlation Meetings?

Our Bishop is a good guy . . . Kind of a different guy, but still a good guy. We don’t have a Ward Mission Leader that I know of. If we do, I don’t know it! LOL! My favorite guy in the entire Ward is a brother named Dennis. He is about thirty years old and served a Mission and all of that. We hit it off as soon as we met and have been buddies since the first night I was here in Atlantida. He really likes to go on visits with us.

Dad’s question – Do you receive lots of dinner appointments?

We do not really receive meals from anyone in the Ward. There are just the two families that we eat with and pay for. Hermana Ligia invites us over to eat sometimes, though. Yesterday I was fasting, though, so everyone ate with her except for me! Haha! It was tough, but my Companion ended his fast early to eat. I just went into the other room and read.

Dad’s question – How is your personal study going? What are you studying?

Right now, I am studying in Revelations and in Jacob. Well, that’s where I am in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. I looooooove reading and marking my scriptures! They’re getting’ crowded! Revelations is sooooo interesting. Can you imagine having the Bible without the Joseph Smith translations? Ppssshhhh . . . I can’t . . . And it never stops surprising me how I can learn something new everrrrrry single time I read the Book of Mormon.

Dad’s question - How is your testimony? Is it growing and growing? How is your relationship with the Savior? Are you truly getting to know Him? Do you have complete faith in Him? Are you leaving everyone better than when you first found them or first met them?

My testimony continues to grow, especially as I read and what not. Also, as I see the changes in people’s lives, it helps my testimony grow. When I receive personal revelation, my testimony also grows. I love keeping my promises with the Lord and I feel like crap when I start struggle. I know He’s here with me and, because of that, I know I am safe here. I love loving the Lord, though, and being in His work. Sure, I misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you guys a billion, but I am happy here. It’s a double-edged sword for sure . . . LOL . . . But I’m doing well!

Well, I think that answers just ‘bout all your questions! I’m sorry my e-mails weren’t complete before! I’m workin’ on it! Haha!

Oh, and I thought I would try to describe where I really am. I think you guys could search Zone 18 in Guatemala or search for a map of Guatemala in zones. Then, I’m in Atlantida. We have a mall (Metro Norte) and some other shopping place (Meta Terminal). It is like a five or ten minutes bus ride to get to my old area, the Maya. So, I’m pretty close to where I was.

Well, let me know what else I can tell you whenever you like! I love you all a billion! Really, there is not one day that I don’t think of you! Please be safe, smart and healthy! And happy! I love you all!

So, yea, I'm growin' up . . .

Thank you for all your updates! I’m gonna try to be fast today so I can write to Dad, too. He’s mad at me! LOL! Just kidding . . . But thank you for all the updates!

Okay . . . Now my week . . . My really, really fast week! Seriously! This week zoomed by!

Sorry for tellin’ you about my sickness. I got a guilt trip from my Companion after I told you. He said I shouldn’t tell you about stuff like that because it could only make you sad. I really felt well after just one day, though! It was really, really weird.

Dylan will like this . . . At home when I would grow random long chest hairs, I would just pull ‘em out. But, now, no one ever sees my chest so I haven’t bothered pullin’ any out . . . LOL . . . I got a li’l to work with now. Now on Dylan’s level yet, but a couple got tangled the other day in the shower. So, yea, I’m growin’ up . . .

I got a “dearelder” from Aunt Kim. She says she misses Jamie . . . LOL . . . Is he just not home much or did he move away? Did he end up goin’ to Gav? Is he playin’ there? Or what’s goin’ on with him?

This week I went on Divisions twice. On Tuesday, I was with Elder Escate in my Area. He is newer than me! LOL! That’s hard to do! I was worried ‘cause he’s kind of a different kid, but we had a fine time together! We worked hard and everything. I didn’t get many laughs out of the day, but it was aaight. Then, on Friday, I got to go on Divisions with Elder Legua again in his Area! It’s always sweet when I get to hang out with him, but Divisions with him is the best! We like working together ‘cause we like to work hard. Elder Legua and I are both waitin’ for the chance to be Senior Companions to show what we can really do! We are a good source of strength for each other and we keep each other goin’ sometimes.

Sorry, could you send me Taylor Rodrigues’ e-mail address again? I forgot to write it down and it would take a while to find it. I’m worried about my e-mail address, too. I don’t think just puttin’ the old e-mails in folders works. I think we gotta delete ‘em, ‘cause I’m getting messages that I don’t have enough space. Dang it! I erased the messages, though! Sorry! But, yea . . . Could you just delete whatever? I’m all good with you deleting whatever you’d like. Thank you for all your help!

This Saturday, a kid in my Ward will be attempting the “Gallon Challenge” . . . LOL . . . He really thinks he can drink a gallon of milk in less than an hour without throwing up or goin’ to the bathroom! Hahahahaha! It should be funny! I tried it at Zion’s Camp, so I already know it can’t be done . . .

And, I’m in Revelations right now! Almost done with the New Testament! I’m in Jacob again in the Book of Mormon. You know I love my readin’!

Well, I sure love you! I’m sorry this is short, but I’m gonna write to Dad, too, so you’ll have more! Thank you for everrrrrrrrything! Love you all!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My first bus contact!

Hey, hey, hey!

Okay . . . First, in response to your e-mail, of course . . .

I loved Conference! I never had such a great respect for it until I was in the Mission field . . . But more stories on that to come.

The Nixon watch doesn’t come in all three of those colors on the same watch. It’s one model of watch that I saw in the three different colors.

At this house, I usually have warm showers. Sometimes no . . . But like 75% of the time, yes! And the weather has been a li’l warm, but probably only mid or high 80’s.

And, yes, if you could, please clean these bad boys up (e-mails on or I won’t have space to receive e-mails next week! That would be bad!

I did hear that Dallas and Kim are moving in! Not from you, but from Dallas though. I’m kinda mad I’m not home to enjoy that. How do you feel about their moving plans??? Sad, probably . . .

Okay, now my notes . . . Well, questions first . . .

Who is using my phone? Can you guys contact Jacob for me? I wanna hear from him really bad! And, could you also contact all the other people I asked Dylan to contact for me, too?

Oh, and I was wondering . . . I understand olive oil . . . Kinda . . . But why do we really use that for blessings?

Does Dad ever see the LaPortes? I kinda would like to hear from Elise, too . . . Shame on me . . .

Can you send me the list of all my friends’ e-mails and everything from my leaving party?

Best story first today . . .

Well, I lost in a stupid game between the first and second sessions of Conference on Saturday, so I had to eat a nice big, green chili jalapeno. Of course, my mouth was on fire for fifteen minutes. But, even better, I woke up on Sunday morning ‘cause my stomach hurt super bad! Well, from 4:00am to 7:00am, just those three hours, I had diarrhea three times to start off, and I threw up four times! All in just three hours! I’d be sitting on the crapper and then would be tossing up in the trash can. I really don’t think I can ever remember feeling so weak and crappy in my entire life! And I am not exaggerating! It was horrible, horrible! I started getting’ better last night and, even though I’m still a li’l weak, I’m almost 100% again already. I guess I just had to flush it all out, huh? I was wondering, though, too . . . When I felt like that if you or Dad received any feeling at home? I dunno . . . Just like the Conference talk with the kid bouncing on the train tracks. Just wondering . . .

So, I did get to watch all three meetings on Saturday. I had notes taken that I wanted to share, too, but I forgot to bring ‘em today. What’s with the prayer, though? LOL! Everyone tries to make them poems now! Oh, and to the boys at home . . . In Priesthood meeting . . . Can you believe the Asian guy from Mad TV gave a talk?????? LOL

Well, last week, I did my first bus contact! Talk about nerve racking! I stoop up in front of a 40- or 50-person filled bus and just talked about the Church and our message as Missionaries. I was all shaky after! Whoooo! It was tough, but I am glad I had the guts to do it!

I bought a nice, big, Guatemala flag! I’ll probably send it home to you guys and you can put it up in my room somewhere! I also bought a shirt and a jacket . . . If you guys care . . . LOL . . .

I was sooooooo happy to get Dylan’s huge letter. And it always makes my day to get “dearelders” from you and Dad as well. It’s the best, no joke . . . Okay, I gotta talk ‘bout Dylan’s for a minute, though. LOL . . . I can’t help but think ‘bout what I wanna do when I get home. Well, the fact that he wants to go straight to BYU is sick! And Dallas and Kim will be out there, too, I guess . . . So, there go my two best friends to Utah, LOL! While I’ve been thinkin’ I still wanna play basketball in Cali . . . Man . . . I’m mixed up! LOL! I have a long time, though . . .

This week, we started talkin’ to some “drinkies”. We have like five good friends now! Haha! No joke! And they are all respectful and super funny. We wanted to clean ‘em up and everything, but they just can’t come through on anything. It’s sad for sure. When you see my pictures, you guys will know who they are . . . Haha . . .

Okay . . . Know my problem eating hamburgers too fast? Just ‘cause I love ‘em so much? Well, no joke, I love, love, black beans and tortillas! And we eat them every day at our house! Well, I always start eating too fast! So, I get that “can’t breathe” problem . . . LOL . . . I’m really workin’ on eating slower. Who would have ever though t I’d fall in love with black beans, though? LOL!

We got a new area in our area . . . I’m not really sure why, haha. President just moved the area outta the Zone next to us and gave it to me and my Companion. The first day we were there, though, we knocked on one door and taught a super long lesson to them! We haven’t even had a chance to knock on another door there yet. Pretty good luck, though, huh? Or good revelation from President . . .

Well, Saturday was my 4-month mark in the Mission and Sunday was my 2-month mark in the field! But you guys know how I celebrated now . . . LOL . . .

Soooooo . . . I love you guys a billion! All is well! Thanks for everything! Like always . . . Love yoooooouuu!