Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zone Trip to the Temple!

Hi, Family!

Well . . . From last week first then . . .

First . . . Thanks for the package! The chocolate was ooooohhhhh so amazing! And all the letters, too! That was cool of that guy to bring a package! I was able to make kids happy by giving away the toys. I made people happy by giving away some kisses and I made myself happy with the muddy buddies, of course! Thank you soooo, soooo much!

Oh . . . Question . . . Is my picture on the plaque at home in the Ward building my Guatemala Temple picture or the Provo Temple picture? I’m hoping it’s the Guatemala one . . . It’s my new favorite . . . LOL . . .

Last week, my companion lost our house keys . . . LOL . . . So we couldn’t get into our house the whole night. LOL . . . We had to go to the next area over and we spent the night at Elder Ireland’s house. It was fun, though, ‘cause Ireland goes home tomorrow, so I got to share more time with him. I’m gonna miss that guy. He’s one of my best friends and I know I’ll hang out with him after my mission. Anyway . . . My companion lost the privilege of carrying the keys . . . LOL . . . Even though that night was very stressful, we laughed it off. LOL . . . Not cool, though. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Oh! Changes! We didn’t have any . . . I’m still with Elder Chesley. Our Zone didn’t really change very much. Elder Dixon was transferred . . . Hermana Ayala went home . . . Elder Monzon was transferred . . . We now have Hermana Indicot (from San Diego) in place of Hermana Ayala . . . Elder Hale (from Las Vegas) and Elder Lainez (a new missionary from Honduras) in place of Elder Dixon . . . Elder Kjar (from Idaho) in place of Elder Monzon. And, now, Elder Ireland leaves tomorrow. Sad stuff . . . My dad and mom are both dead after tomorrow . . . LOL . . .

Ohhhh! Happy Birthday, Aunt Skye! I hope it was amazing! I hope you’re doing sooo, sooo well! I love you!

Sad story . . . Hermana Dieguez’s dad just passed away two days ago. So, yesterday, the lady they live with called and told us and asked us to come over to give a blessing and eat lunch. The girl really plays it off well, but I know she was and is dying inside. I guess her dad has had terminal cancel for a while, though, so they were kind of expecting him to pass away. Still . . . Sooo, sooo sad. Anyway . . . She asked me to give the blessing and I was nervoussssssssssss. Sure . . . I give blessings to the sick all the time, but to someone whose dad just died the day before? Well . . . That was my first time. My heart was beating sooooo fast when she asked me to give the blessing, but I did it and it was a really cool experience. She started bawling after the blessing and my companion said it was an amazing blessing which made me feel good. LOL . . . He made the prediction that I’ll be a Patriarch. LOL . . . We’ll see, huh?

Today, we got to go to the Temple as a Zone and I brought my Patriarchial Blessing into the temple and read it in the Celestial Room. It was amazing as always.

Well . . . That’s really all I’ve got for today! I hope all is well at home . . . Thanks for all of the help and encouragement. I love you all sooo, sooo much!

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