Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Lord comes through on His promises!

Oh, my gosh!

Sooooo good to hear from you guys again! This week flew by and there’s no better way tos tart a new week than by hearing from all of you!

First of all . . . I’m very, very sorry that I haven’t put more detail in my weekly e-mails. Thank you for reminding me to do so. I really will try to get better. I just get so caught up in missionary work all week and I let it get outta my mind for an hour when I talk to you so thath I feel back at home . . . Ya know? But I will be better . . . I promise.

I knew exactly what you would say ‘bout my schooling idea. LOL . . . Whatever I wanna do. Knew you’d say it. But what do you think, Mom? Also, Elder Legua wants to know what the cost would be so that he can try to plan it with his family. Could you try to get that number? At least an approximate number? Thank you, Mom!

And . . . I did get the DearElders . . . LOL . . . And they were maaaaannnnyyyyy . . . I loved ‘em of course, though! Thank you for always taking the time to send me those things. Sounds like my boy, Eric Gordon, is really playin’ well! Nice!

Yea . . . With all the rain, mud, mountains, bad construction and all in Guatemala, there have been lots and lots of mud slides. Many people have been killed. It is because people are so poor here that they live on mountainsides in li’l scrap metal houses that have no foundation. Then, when the weather gets bad and the time comes for them to move out, many are too stubborn to go. We helped some members move outtta their house like two weeks ago and two days after they moved, their house fell away! They probably would have died. Or at least they would have lost everything if we hadn’t helped ‘em move. Don’t worry ‘bout me and all missionaries, though. We live in very safe areas and safe houses. We don’t find any of that danger . . .

How did the USA Team do against Angola? Did my boy, Gordon, do anything this morning?

Happy Birthday, Stacie! LOL . . . Our family is getting old . . .

Oh! One of my best friends in the mission, Elder Davis, is from Heber City and he said his girlfriend lives in Midway. LOL . . . I don’t remember her name, but I bet Ash and Tom know her family! They are members of the church as well . . .

And . . . Whhaaaaaat? Courtney got married, too????? LOL . . . That’s crazy! Tell her cognrats for me! Man . . . Weird . . .

Soooo . . . Tuesday was Zone Leader Council again . . . It was held in the Mission office and we went over some things on how to have more baptismal dates in every area, how to teach more lessons, find more new people to teach, and have more progressing investigators. It’s really cool getting all these good missionaries together ‘cause I feel like I got it all down but, man . . . Some Elders make great, great suggestions and what not and I realize I still have a lot to learn! But I’m gonna get there!

Then, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we went to the Three Day Training in the Mission Home (which is just right down the street from the Mission Office). We went over everything that we had gone over the first in the Four Day Training which was held three weeks ago, but this time it wasn’t just the Zone Leaders in the Capital that attended . . . It was also with all the District Leaders and Trainers in the Capital annnnnd all of their Companions, so it was paaaaacked! There we about 50 missionaries there! It was cool because I got to go over some things and remember them and put them into better practice. It was also cool ‘cause I was with my boys Empey, Legua and Davis the whole time, too! Oh, and I saw my boy, Barrientos, which is always fun! Anyway, with all that training, it made for a very fast week but a very tiring week with all the bus trips and what not. We only got like two hours of work in every day in those four das which kinda hurt us, but it’s all good! We also had Elder Davis with us in our area for three days ‘cause his area is so far away that he couldn’t get to the office in time and then get back to his area to work in the night, so he just stayed with us ‘cause we have a cot! His companion stayed with another companionship ‘cause they had an extra bed, too. It was just a very interesting week with only one full day of work.

Oh . . . Dream! I was in a drug store, right? Like a 7/11 . . . Anyway . . . Randy was in there and he was in his white shirt and tie . . . With a plaque on! He had his hair cut and all . . . He was quite a handsome young man! Wow! I asked him why he hadn’t told me that he was a missionary and asked him how long he had been out in the field. He told me he had been out for five months! It was a great dream! I woke up sooo, sooo happy! I really, really care for him and James so much! Please make ‘em write me! I really want them to be missionaries!

This week was kinda cool because we thought that we had lost some investigators. They had been persecuted for the cause of listening and going to church with us. Anyway, we couldn’t find ‘em for a couple weeks, but we just kept praying and praying for ‘em. Finally, on Sunday, they showed up to a house that we were visiting! And when I talked to them (Moreno family), we told them sorry and everything and asked them if they would still like us to teach ‘em or no. Well . . . They said yes! It was a great answer to our prayers! It’s soooo, soooo cool how prayers pay off. So many people have been in my prayers . . . And my prayers are being answered. The Lord comes through on His promises! It’s soooo, soooo cool!

Well . . . Nothing much happened this week ‘cause were gone so much, but the week flew by! And, like you said, I have very mixed feelings on that, butu I’m doin’ good! I sure love you all and appreciate you soo, soo much! Lemme know how everything is goin’ with you guys and the sports world! Hee, hee! Tell Aaliyah I love her! Love you all!

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