Monday, August 30, 2010

Tiene mis respectos

Hello, fam!

Soooo good to hear from you again! It is always a much anticipated time for me, too!

In response to what you told me and what Dad told me . . . How cool that the Clippers could end up with Carmello! It would kill me big time to lose Griffin or Gordon, though . . . Any of the other players, I’m okay with losing. Let Clippers management know my feelings . . . LOL . . Thanks!

The article Dad sent me was too sad . . . The one about the Bishop being shot. Signs of the times? Sad . . .

Thanks for getting’ the picture to Bishop so long ago . . . You’re the woman!

I think I might know what I wanna do after the Mission, so I dunno if we have to apply to all colleges (smiley face). I’ll let you know where in just a sec . . . Oooooo . . . Is the suspense killin’ ya? Huh? Is it? Is it? Huh?

Oh! And that’s very cool that Dylan got that calling (Co-chairperson of the Stake Youth Committee) . . . He’s such a good kid. Such a great example . . . Honestly . . . Good, good kid. Tiene mis respectos.

I didn’t know the US was playing sooo, sooo well. That’s cool! I only saw a li’l article once in a newspaper and it said Gordon (my boy) has been really, really good. That’s amazing!

As for DearElders, I haven’t gotten any in a while because of changes in Office Elders, but I should get all of it tomorrow . . . So, thank you!

Okay . . . I’ll give my updates . . . LOL . . .

To answer Dad’s question from last week . . . Don’t worry . . . I still read the Book of Mormon every day. I’m currently in Mosiah. By the way, I read Chapter 5 of Jacob really slowly and, ummm, I think that’s probably the best chapter in the entire Book of Mormon. Honestly . . . It’s amazing . . . I also am in the book of Ezra right now in the Old Testament. I’ve already read the New Testament but I still have a ways to go this time. I think I’ve only read about 65% of the bible as of now. I’m gonna finish it all before the end of the mission, though! I gots to do it, my dawgs!

Two Bible questions now, though, Dad . . . Was the Levitical Priesthood changed to the Aaronic in these verses? 1 Chronicles 23:24-28? Or when and how was the name changed? Also, why does it talk about two half tribes of Menasseh and not a whole tribe? I think that one jumped my head . . . Thanks!

Questions . . . Maybe Dad or someone can answer them . . . Where are Spencer, Baker, Neal, Tyree, etc . . . All my friends . . . Where are they now? Are they still playin’ ball?

Happy Birthday in this past week, Tom!

Do you think there is any way you could send me my mission calling video? You know, when I got home from practice and opened my call? Maybe you could send it by e-mail? I dunno . . . Let me know . . .

Well . . . This past Wednesday, my trainer, Elder Ireland, left me and went home. It was actually really, really sad. I really love that kid. He and Elder Legua are two good, good buddies. It’s weird having P-Day without him. And not just being able to talk with him by phone or anything. He was a good, good guy. I’ll see him after the mission when I visit Tom and Ash, though, ‘cause he is from Denver.

This week, we were contacting . . . As we were finishing contacting, we contacted an inactive lady and she started telling us her long reason why she hasn’t come to Church in so long . . . At the end, though, she said that we were a huge answer to her prayers from the night before and she said it was really nice to know that God still hasn’t forgotten about her! She then said she would be in church someday soon. It’s really cool how we are guided from door to door. And we don’t normally go contacting too many doors in her area . . . It was really, really cool.

Well . . . That’s ‘bout all I got for now! I sure love you all and look forward to hearing from you! Love you soooo, soooo much! Be safe and smart . . . All of you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zone Trip to the Temple!

Hi, Family!

Well . . . From last week first then . . .

First . . . Thanks for the package! The chocolate was ooooohhhhh so amazing! And all the letters, too! That was cool of that guy to bring a package! I was able to make kids happy by giving away the toys. I made people happy by giving away some kisses and I made myself happy with the muddy buddies, of course! Thank you soooo, soooo much!

Oh . . . Question . . . Is my picture on the plaque at home in the Ward building my Guatemala Temple picture or the Provo Temple picture? I’m hoping it’s the Guatemala one . . . It’s my new favorite . . . LOL . . .

Last week, my companion lost our house keys . . . LOL . . . So we couldn’t get into our house the whole night. LOL . . . We had to go to the next area over and we spent the night at Elder Ireland’s house. It was fun, though, ‘cause Ireland goes home tomorrow, so I got to share more time with him. I’m gonna miss that guy. He’s one of my best friends and I know I’ll hang out with him after my mission. Anyway . . . My companion lost the privilege of carrying the keys . . . LOL . . . Even though that night was very stressful, we laughed it off. LOL . . . Not cool, though. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Oh! Changes! We didn’t have any . . . I’m still with Elder Chesley. Our Zone didn’t really change very much. Elder Dixon was transferred . . . Hermana Ayala went home . . . Elder Monzon was transferred . . . We now have Hermana Indicot (from San Diego) in place of Hermana Ayala . . . Elder Hale (from Las Vegas) and Elder Lainez (a new missionary from Honduras) in place of Elder Dixon . . . Elder Kjar (from Idaho) in place of Elder Monzon. And, now, Elder Ireland leaves tomorrow. Sad stuff . . . My dad and mom are both dead after tomorrow . . . LOL . . .

Ohhhh! Happy Birthday, Aunt Skye! I hope it was amazing! I hope you’re doing sooo, sooo well! I love you!

Sad story . . . Hermana Dieguez’s dad just passed away two days ago. So, yesterday, the lady they live with called and told us and asked us to come over to give a blessing and eat lunch. The girl really plays it off well, but I know she was and is dying inside. I guess her dad has had terminal cancel for a while, though, so they were kind of expecting him to pass away. Still . . . Sooo, sooo sad. Anyway . . . She asked me to give the blessing and I was nervoussssssssssss. Sure . . . I give blessings to the sick all the time, but to someone whose dad just died the day before? Well . . . That was my first time. My heart was beating sooooo fast when she asked me to give the blessing, but I did it and it was a really cool experience. She started bawling after the blessing and my companion said it was an amazing blessing which made me feel good. LOL . . . He made the prediction that I’ll be a Patriarch. LOL . . . We’ll see, huh?

Today, we got to go to the Temple as a Zone and I brought my Patriarchial Blessing into the temple and read it in the Celestial Room. It was amazing as always.

Well . . . That’s really all I’ve got for today! I hope all is well at home . . . Thanks for all of the help and encouragement. I love you all sooo, sooo much!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Picture Day! It's like Christmas!

Hey, family!

Don’t cry, Mom! (I told Derek I was crying because he sent me such beautiful pictures) That is my new suit in the one picture! Like it?

Another is of me with my “pops”, Elder Island. I’m in my “corte” and he’s in a red tie and we both have straight faces . . .

Another pictures is of me in Duranzo lookin’ out over everything . . .With my sombrero . . .

Ummmm . . . The other is of my boy, Elder Empey, right after Zone Leader Council.

Oh! And that’s the Carranza family! When we come back to Guatemala, we will visit them! They are an amazing family from my last area. The kids are soooooo, soooooo loving and fun, but sooo reverent when they need to be. They are really amazing!

Well . . . Sending the pictures gave me noooo time to write, but that’s okay ‘cause I forgot my notes anyway! I’ll make next week’s e-mail terrific!

I dunno if I have a change or not yet. They will call and tell us tonight!

Ummmm . . . I’m really sad about Dylan’s graduation moving up a week for school . . . But that’s okay . . . I’m a man . . . I’ll live ;-)

Ohhh! And . . .I got the package! I’ll talk specifically ‘bout it next week!

Thanks for all the updates! I’m sorry I don’t have any time to write! But I hope the pictures were worth it! I sure love, love, love and miss you all! Be safe and smart! Loooooove you all!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"I really am a convert"

Hey, Dad!

Thanks for writing to me! Good to hear that everything went so well at Young Women Camp! You are such a great example. Something that always makes me laugh is that the Stake Presidencies here (and Bishops) are sooo, sooo young . . . LOL . . . You just blow them all out of the water! The Church in the States and here are ultimately the same, but it’s sooo, sooo different in so many ways.

As for me, I gave my talk of probably fifteen minutes on Conversion. I felt like it was a really, really good talk. I can send it to you guys next in my e-mail if you like. I gave my talk in front of about fifty missionaries and President Torres and his wife. It went smoothly, though. I really feel like I have become a true convert, though, Dad. Well, I don’t feel like . . . I know that I have become a true convert. I see why serving a Mission is so important. It’s not to baptize others . . . Sure, that’s important, too . . . But the Church needs us young men to become true converts to be future leaders and I really am a convert. I know it because I have been obedient (not perfect, but I try . . . I really do) and I try to improve everything. And it’s all thanks to you, Mom and the rest of the family. I love you all sooo much and look up to you all so much!

Thank you for everything, Dad! Keep me posted on how you’re doing! Love you more than you know and miss you that much, too . . .

Monday, August 9, 2010

Elder Jensen is willin' to die for a good burger!

Thank you for all of your great updates! It sounds like it was a pretty fun week! It makes me happy to know that you guys are happy! It really, really does . . .

Well, I really hopt that Dallas is doing well with his bum . . . Is it bruised worse than when I bruised my bum out on the lake with Stacie and Dylan? That was a huuuuuuge bruise! It seemed like every time I went up to practice with SJCC, I fell on it, too! Oooo . . . Not fun! Get better soon, bra!

I really enjoyed the Aaliyah stories, too. Oh, and it makes me feel good that she still sleeps in a Pull-Up ‘cause that means she isn’t waaaaay too big yet even though she looks like she’s all grown up and is old enough to be wearing Stacie’s thongs or something. Well . . . Not that grown up . . . LOL . . . But she looks grown up!

So . . .

Do you think I could get into BYU or UVU right after my Mission? Also, does Gav or MPC have a soccer team? My boy, Elder Legua, and I just know that we gotta be livin’ together after the mission so we are tryin’ to figure out what our options will be. Obviously, he’s a soccer player . . .

Well, let’s see hurrrr . . . This week, we had the famous and talked up Zone Leader Council! It was held on Wednesday and I got to go for the first time! It was cool . . . We got to learn a lot from President which was very cool again. Then we just went over all the Zone stats and dats. Our Zone was leading in some things and the best part is that we have been leading in Baptisms this change! The best part ‘bout the Zone Leader Council, though, was the lunch for sure. We ate hamburgers and you know that good ol’ Elder Jensen is always willin’ to die for a good burger!

Then, on Friday, we had Zone Conference. We had the opportunity to hear more from President and his wife. We also heard good talks from Elder Wixom and Elder Petersen. Then, I got to give my talk to end the Conference. Ooooo . . . Talk about nervous! I got up and didn’t know how to start ‘cause I was all nervous! But, then I started talking and it all came pretty easy. Luckily, I had prepared well and had been praying all week to be able to give a good talk. Plus, I received all of your prayers and that helped a lot, too! My talk was a li’l long, but I got lots and lots of nice comments afterward from missionaries and also from Hermana Torres. LOL . . . She told me I should use that talk again when I am an Apostle ‘cause that’s how good it was . . . LOL . . . I don’t believe that, good Hermana . . . Slow down . . . LOL . . . But I do feel confident that I gave a good talk which is all I prayed for.

Crazy that this is Week 6 of this change already! This change has flown bye! All of a sudden, I’m gonna be finishing my mission and I’ll be home with all of you again! I sure miss you all and I love you all soo, soo much! Kim . . . You’re in my prayers! I promise! Everyone be safe and good! Take care! Thanks for all the love! Oh, and Mom . . . Keep the good Clipper updates comin’ on DearElder if ya can! Ya know I love ‘em! LOL . . . Love you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wouldn't it stink if families couldn't last longer than this life?

Hello, family!

Good to hear that you’re missin’ me, Mom! That’s how it should always be! To the maximum! LOL . . . No . . .I’m just playing. Don’t miss me. No need to . . . I’ll be home in no time! I do miss you guys, though!

To answer your question about money, I bough something very cool . . . LOL . . . At some point, you will all know what it is. I’m sure you’ll see pictures of it soon. But no . . . No one robbed me of the money so don’t worry.

Sounds like you guys had a very fun week, though. Having all the family together is the best, isn’t it? And . . . How cool ‘bout Brook and her softball team! Gilroy really makes good softball players! Who knows how, but they sure do!

Well . . . I have a couple stories so I’ll hit cha up wid ‘em real quick . . .

Last Monday before I wrote to you . . . LOL . . . Dunno how I forgot to write about it . . . We had an activity as missionaries. All the missionaries from the Capital (about 100 missionaries) and President and Hermana Torres came to our ward building to celebrate Pioneer Day. I think it’s a normal Utah celebration, but it was new for me. First, a couple missionaries gave some talks and then Hermana Torres spoke. The talks were very good. Then we had a big barbecue and some activities. All the Zone Leaders had to come up with activities. Seeing as there are five zones, we had to have five activities, but two zones didn’t prepare anything . . . LOL . . . My companion and I planned out tug-of-war and then, if you lost, you had to fill your mouth with four marshmallows and say the Missionary Purpose . . . LOL . . . Everyone said we had the best activity. It was a very fun activity ‘cause I got to see so many old friends! My boys Elder Empey, Elder Legua and Elder Barrientos were there, so I got to talk with each of them for a while.

Oh . . . Funny story! I guess my Ward’s Relief Society Basketball Team is 3 and 0 and they just won on Saturday. I walked into the home of a member yesterday and guess what they were talkin’ ‘bout? The game from Saturday! LOL! And not just talkin’ ‘bout the game but calling the other Ward “crooks” and things like that! LOL! That they were taking away points and cheating . . . LOL . . . It was so funny because they are taking this thing sooooo, soooooo serious . . . It’s hilarious!

This week was very exciting! On Saturday, I got to attend my first Sealing ever! It was very, very cool and a li’l interesting, I thought, but I loved it! I got to go with my Companion to see the Sealing of a family from my last area. They were struggling to get themselves together to get to the Temple because the husband was having trouble giving up drinking and all that good stuff, but we were able to help them. I asked President if I could go to the Sealing a couple weeks ago and he easily gave me permission. The Sealing was so cool ‘cause the Dad and Mom were super happy and the Dad started to cry. I tried to imagine how cool it’ll be and tried to imagine how happy I’ll feel when I get sealed in the Temple to my own wife. Wow . . . Wouldn’t it stink if families couldn’t last longer than this life? Yea . . . It would stink . . .

Then, this week, we also had two baptisms! Santiago (30 years old) and Victor (21 years old)! Of course, the weeks of baptisms are very stressful and contain maybe more prayer than normal, but it’s all worth it when two people are able to make that important step. The story with Santiago was really cool ‘cause when I go to this area, my Companion said they were probably gonna drop him. But, on my second day here, we put a baptisimal date with him even though he was smoking. He had to drop a cigarette every five days in order to be done smoking a week prior to his baptism. And . . . He followed the schedule EXACTLY! He has also been reading the Book of Mormon a lot looking for the part about the man that had a smoking problem . . . hee, hee . . . He has been reading the Book of Mormon through the entire experience and I’m sure that is why he was able to follow through with his schedule. With that and courage and prayer, he was able to be baptized! It was very, very cool.

Well, ummmm . . . I dunno know what else to say! This week, I have to give a talk in front of like seventy missionaries and President and Hermana Torres. Sooooo . . . I’m a li’l nervous, but I’ll do good ‘cause I’ve been preparing well and the Lord helps those who help themselves, right? I’ll let you guys know how I do, though . . .

Well . . . I’m out! I love you all! I hope that this e-mail finds all of you happy and healthy! Be safe and smart! I love you all soooo, soooo much!