Monday, August 16, 2010

Picture Day! It's like Christmas!

Hey, family!

Don’t cry, Mom! (I told Derek I was crying because he sent me such beautiful pictures) That is my new suit in the one picture! Like it?

Another is of me with my “pops”, Elder Island. I’m in my “corte” and he’s in a red tie and we both have straight faces . . .

Another pictures is of me in Duranzo lookin’ out over everything . . .With my sombrero . . .

Ummmm . . . The other is of my boy, Elder Empey, right after Zone Leader Council.

Oh! And that’s the Carranza family! When we come back to Guatemala, we will visit them! They are an amazing family from my last area. The kids are soooooo, soooooo loving and fun, but sooo reverent when they need to be. They are really amazing!

Well . . . Sending the pictures gave me noooo time to write, but that’s okay ‘cause I forgot my notes anyway! I’ll make next week’s e-mail terrific!

I dunno if I have a change or not yet. They will call and tell us tonight!

Ummmm . . . I’m really sad about Dylan’s graduation moving up a week for school . . . But that’s okay . . . I’m a man . . . I’ll live ;-)

Ohhh! And . . .I got the package! I’ll talk specifically ‘bout it next week!

Thanks for all the updates! I’m sorry I don’t have any time to write! But I hope the pictures were worth it! I sure love, love, love and miss you all! Be safe and smart! Loooooove you all!

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