Monday, November 2, 2009

My testimony of fasting grew from my experience!


Well . . . I’m pretty mad right now! Ughhhhh . . . LOL!

I wrote a huge e-mail to you guys and the computer decided to be retarded and delete it! So, I just can’t write it all again, nor do I have the time to do so . . . But thanks for your e-mail! And for all of your stories!

The only thing you really need to know from this week is that I fasted with my Companion and we fasted to find an eternal family. Well, the second door that we knocked on during this fast let us come in! It’s just a husband and wife, but they are married and that’s usually a huge problem here. They have a lot of faith and just haven’t chosen a religion. And, they really like us! How cool that Heavenly Father can bless us that fast in response to our prayers! Especially when we’re fasting! My testimony of fasting for sure grew from that experience!

Thanks for everything! I’ll talk to you guys next week! Love you a billion ! A billion! Sorry again for this short e-mail!

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