Monday, November 30, 2009

I almost cried when I said what I'm thankful for . . .

Heyyyyy, yo!

Thank you for all of your nice updates again! I really hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and wedding time!

That’s crazy that Aaliyah could recognize that picture! My li’l genius! I love ‘er to death . . . If you didn’t know that already!

I haven’t received your package yet, but I really, really, really hope I get it this week! I’m prayin’! Haha! Not really, but I sure hope it comes!

I’ll be ashamed if Brad doesn’t come to the CCM here. He should if he’s serving in Cenetral America. And, that’s ggggreat about Brett, too! I can’t send him a DearElder, but if you can get me his “myldsmail” e-mail address, I’ll write to him sometime soon!

I’m very excited to hear how Dylan’s basketball game goes this week as a Varsity man! I wish him the very, very, very best . . . As always . . .

My li’l updates . . .

Yes, my Companion leaves me a week from today, which I am not very happy about. He is very excited to go home and he has told me some things that have made me very happy. Well, we haven’t had a lot of success as far as baptisms go here, but he’s told me these things . . . He told the whole District that this has been the most spiritual change he’s had in his whooooole mission because of the high goals we set and how hard we have tried to achieve them. We have been very happy together because we know when to have fun and when to just work hard, work hard, work hard and still stay happy. He also says that his thoughts have changed for the better while we have been companions. So, even though this change has been tough with baptisms, we are still very happy with what we have accomplished. My companion has been a very good missionary with success, so I’m very happy with the things he has said of our companionship. He’s a good guy and a really good friend. It’ll be sad when he goes . . .

So, yea, changes are comin’ up a week from today. I’m really hopin’ I don’t leave my area. I feel like success is just around the corner and I wanna be here for Christmas and all ‘cause there is a great family to be with. I’ve gotta be with a great family for Christmas ‘cause that’s just how it is at home!

For Thanksgiving, I got to celebrate! I got invited to a dinner with two other Elders in another area. It was a really tasty dinner. The Mom and Dad were Mission Presidents a few years ago. It was a really good opportunity. I almost cried when I was sayin’ what I am thankful for . . . LOL . . . But I talk more about what I said on my voice recorder. It was awesome to celebrate Thanksgiving, though, ‘cause it’s such a big important time at home.

This week has been very, very tiring. We had service three times this week! And two of the three were really, really hard! We had to move a huge chest of drawers and I was holding it above my head for dear life. I suppppper sore the next day! Then, the next service was moving huuuuuuge bags of dirt up and down a hill to dump them in the lake. We had to throw ‘em over our backs and carry ‘em. I did about 10 bags and I was wasted that night! I had very sore legs and shoulders the rest of the week! Then, our third service was at Metro Norte (like the mall, really). There, we shined shoes for free! While one person was shining shoes, the companion shared a message. It was a great activity, though, with a lot of success. I really enjoyed shining other people’s shoes . . . LOL . . .

I need to know somethin’ . . . What is the quote most famous for Dallas, Dylan and Tom? I need one for each of them. You’ve gotta send me the answer next Monday! Please!

I talked with Elder Larsen about how you could to other moms in the mission. He says there is a website but he isn’t sure what it is, so he gave me his mom’s e-mail to give to you. That way, you can talk to her! Her name is Amy Larsen, mother of my buddy, Taylor. Let me know how it goes. Oh, and yea . . . Let me know what happens when you talk to the mom from Lehi, too.

The other story I forgot to tell you guys . . . A few weeks ago, I saw my old CCM teacher in Stake Conference (Hermano Culcue). It was great to see him again, but when he was about to leave, he asked if I could give him a blessing of comfort and what not. He said he was going through tough times. So, I gave him a blessing. The next day, he e-mailed me and said that I spoke about a lot of things that are mentioned in his Patriarchial Blessing and that I gave the same advice! Pretty dog on cool, huh? I LOVE HAVIN’ THIS THING CALLED THE PRIESTHOOD! LOL . . .

Anyway, those are my updates! I sure love you guys billions! Less than a month and I get to hear your voices! Be safe! Love you all!

Elder Jensen

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