Monday, November 23, 2009

"I'm a soldier out here in the Mission field!"

Heyyyyy yo!

Okay . . . I’m not sure how you can talk to the Missionary Moms, but I know there is a way. So, I will call Elder Larsen and get the answer form him this week.

That’s so sad about David and his Mom and brother. I really, really like that family. I hurt for him for sure just like I know you do. That’s so sad . . .

Great to hear that Adam is getting’ his paper done, though! And crazy to hear about Rachel! Wowzers! Welp, growin’ up starts very soon for her!

I wanted to give you a bunch of info again this week, but not way too much happened . . .

First funny story, though . . . I got a DearElder form a lady named Leslie Smith. She told me that I don’t know her, but that her son is going to serve in this Mission, so she wanted to get some information from you, mother. . . Wanna know the crazy part, though? She’s from Lehi! So, it’s possible that I’ve met her son when I was with McKay or something! That’s where the Livingstons are livin’, right? Weird, right? But you should call her! Lemme know what she says!

That’s crazy that they have found a city bigger than Los Angeles under a hill here in Guatemala! It’s just more proof that the Book of Mormon is true! It’s pretty cool to get to live in this area, though . . . Not gonna lie. I can’t wait until after the mission, though, when the whole family can go with me to visit placed!

I finished the Book of Mormon again. I was on my knees prayin’ and prayin’ again to try to receive an answer to know that the Book of Mormon is true. Well, it took me time to realize, but I did receive an answer . . . I already knew it was true! I didn’t really have to ask again! LOL! But, yea, I’m in Dueteronomy right now in the Bible; and I’m in like Section 30 of the Doctrine and Covenants. I just finished the Pearl of Great Price again.

When does Brad Scherck enter the MTC? He will end up in the CCM after three weeks in the MTC, won’t he? I’d like to try to go visit him if he’s going to be there.

This week I got to go on Divisions with Elder Primo in my Area. He is a pretty cool cat from Peru and has one more change than I do in the Mission. It’s always good to go on Divisions ‘cause I really learn a lot from the style of every Elder . . . The good and the bad, of course! But it was a solid day with him.

Ummm . . . We painted a house as service this week. Woo hoo! Fun! LOL . . . Not really . . . And the lady whose house we painted didn’t even come to Church on Sunday, so it was in vain! LOL . . . Just kidding, just kidding . . . She was sick . . .

Ummmm . . . This week, I ate a TON of pupusas. Have you guys had them before? I don’t think we had them in the States. Ahhhh . . .They are soooooo good, though! You guys gotta look ‘em up and make some . . .

Church kinda let me down this Sunday. A lot of investigators didn’t come, but I have to remember how good last week was . . . And we had two new investigators in the Church this Sunday, so we still did okay. Now we will see if the members come through this next Sunday. I’m really hopin’ we strike gold! If we don’t, I’ll just keep tryin! I’m a soldier out here in the Mission field now! Really, thanks to Dad again . . . Keep challengin’ me!

This morning, I went to the Dentist ‘cause my permanent retainer was starting to come off. It’s a clinic that the Church started. Guess what, though? I was the first patient EVER! LOL! Kinda fun, huh? The doctor said I should give you his blogspot address, ‘cause I’m gonna be a star on it . . . LOL . . . He said it should be up within the week. The address is . . . LOL . . . Lemme know how it looks!

Well, sorry I didn’t have a bunch to write this week! I hope all is well back home, though! Thanks for everything . . . All the support and love and all! And, I’m waitin’ on the package very anxiously!

Love you guys billions! Keep sendin’ me DearElders . . . Hahaha!

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  1. Hi! I hope you get this comment. Several of the moms on the missionary moms group read Elder Jensen's blog and LOVE him and his great spirit. We've learned alot about Guatemala North from him. If you want to join: go to
    then scroll down to where you can click on "Click to join an email Group" YOu can go in and put a little information about yourselves and then can join the Central American Missionary Mom's group. They are so helpful and it's fun to get to know people who's sons are in the same mission.
    My son, Elder Dave Mays, is in the MTC right now. We took him on Wednesday the 18th. He is going to Guatemala North. He will be spending his entire time in the Provo MTC instead of the Guatemala CCM because of overcrowding there (alot of native Latino missionaries) I hope you will join us. Your son sounds like a wonderful young man! Elder Larsen's mom is on there, also Elder Ireland's.

    Bonnie Mays