Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We went tracting with President Torres!


Gonna hitcha back real quick! Oh! And, FYI, this keyboard stinks . . . I’m gonan be a li’l fast today so that I can write back to Dad. Here I go, though!

Well, to respond to your e-mail, my memory card says it is a ScanDisk, SDHC Card 2, 4gb.

And, yes, I know exactly what Dylan was feeling after his last basketball game. I remember my last game at Alisal and goin’ up to Dad after the game and just bawlin’. It is a very strange feeling . . .

How cool that it snowed in Gilroy! LOL! I remember the last time it snowed in Gilroy . . . We were comin’ home from the Temple and we were able to throw snow balls!

Aaaaand . . . Bummer that Dylan didn’t get accepted to BYU Provo . . . Maybe it’s a sign that he shouldn’t go to a BYU School right now and that he should go to Gavilan and play with me for a year. I think that is correct . . .

Oh! And I loved Dylan’s pictures . . . LOL . . . He’s grown up a lot. He’s such a handsome li’l crap.

Well . . . I’m gonna tell you real quick what went on with me this week . . .

Today, for P-Day, we went to Yaxha. It’s another National Park kind of like Tital, but smaller (not as cool). Anyway, we got to visit today and it was very pretty. The coolest part about Yaxha is thath some of the ruins look out over a lake so it’s very, very pretty. They say that Yaxha was on the rise as Tikal was falling and everyone was abandoning it. Kinda interesting . . .

Oh, great update! I FINISHED READING THE BIBLE! Yes! I read all 1590 pages . . . LOL. It took a long, long time, but it was worth it! I learned a lot and my testimony has grown. I now know that people can’t fool me with false doctrine because I’ve read of it all! Cool, huh? Yes, cool . . .

This week, we had President Torres in town with us. We had Zone Training. Soooo . . . We met from 9am to 4pm on Thursday and we learned from his instruction and the words of Hermana Torres. Also, President went out to work with me and my Companion for a few hours on Wednesday night, but it was a disaster! LOL! No one was home and, in two and a half hours, we only got in one house! LOL! It was a bummer ‘cause we wanted to have a great night to show President that we are working well (pride, really), but, instead, we had maybe the least successful night we have had since we have been together. LOL . . . Heavenly Father knows why, but it remains a mystery to us why all appointments fell! LOL! Oh well! We did learn a lot from President on that stressful night.

Oh, hey Mom! You never sent me the Clippers vs. Indiana update and I need to read about that one ‘cause Dallas said my boy had a huge game . . . LOL . . . Please!

Oh, and this week, my Companion and I . . . Yay! We get to go to the Capital again for another Zone Leader Council. LOL . . . I believe this will be number eight for me! LOL . . . It’ll be good, though, and we should learn lots.

Well, I sure love you all! Tell Dad to let you read the e-mail that I’m gonna send him. I love you all sooooo, sooooo much! Take care!

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