Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My new Companion is Elder Molina from Honduras!

Hello, family!

Good to hear from you all during this time of March Madness! Ahhhh . . . I’ll never miss another one of these . . . What a blessing . . . LOL . . .

Thanks for your stories anywho. LOL . . . I can’t believe everyone is getting’ home from their missions now! Ahhhh! It’s not making me feel good. First Jeff, then Alyssa, then McKay and now Tyler . . . LOL . . . I remember how mad I was when they were leaving because we all grew up in the same grade and everything but they got to leave before me because of stupid birth dates! LOL . . . I couldn’t have been called at a better time, though. Of that I’m sure . . . Anyway, lemme know how Tyler is when he gets home.

How cool that Dylan did so well in his workshop. That kid really is amazing. Hey . . . Has he decided where he is gonna go to school? He told me he wasn’t sure and I told him to talk it over with you all, but I hope he wasn’t just pullin’ my leg! I need him at Gav with me!!!!!!!! Dylan! I need you there with me! For reals! Don’t lemme down, man! I understand if you have to, though . . . LOL.

And, the 49 fechas weren’t for this last week Mom . . . Sorry . . . We had one baptism. And it was in my Area. Elder Crespin did her baptismal interview and said he had never done an interview for someone so prepared. She knew everything he said! LOL . . . She really is so special. We were just guided to find her at the right time. She had received missionaries for so long before but wasn’t ever prepared; but we got there, and she was ready. Three straight Sundays in Church and . . . Boom! To the water! She’s amazing and can now be an example to her five children who are already members and to her member parents. LOL . . . My new companion got lucky to get here and have a baptism his first week! The baptismal ceremony was great! She is afraid of the water, so the first time I tried to put her under, she rolled up in a ball and some of her hair came out of the water sooooo . . . We had to try it again . . . LOL . . . We stood in the font for a good five minutes while I was trying to help and comfort her and while she tried to hold back tears and get her air back. Aaaaaand . . . The second time we got it down pat! LOL . . . The testimony she bore was amazing and her friends and family members gave great testimonies for her as well. It was one of those special baptisms . . .

Anyway, yea . . . We had changes this past week. Ten changes in total . . . Three went to Coban (we lost my boy, Elder Thacker), two had internal Peten changes, and five went to the Capital. My Companion was one of the five who went to the Capital. Anyway, we have two missionaries here now who were Zone Leaders but are not anymore because so many from our group are Zone Leaders! There have never, ever been so many from just one group. We have thirteen or fourteen of the twenty-two leaders in the Mission . . . LOL . . . So it might be my turn to not serve as a Zone Leaders. I’d be okay with that just ‘cause I think I might be settin’ a new record for time as a Zone Leader!

Also, for changes, Elder Legua was made a Zone Leader! That was very exciting ‘cause now I’ll see my best friend in the Mission at Zone Leader Council next week!

Oh! And my new Companion is Elder Molina from Honduras. I’ve told you all before that I seem to get along very well with Hondurians. And . . . Nothing’s changed! Elder Molina was an Office Elder for a long time and I got to know him there and we were already good buddies from that point, so it was one of those changes of much excitement to receive your Companion. I feel very happy and a member even told me I seem happy yesterday! I learned a lot from Elder Alonso, and I know I will learn a lot from Elder Molina. I know this change is gonna fly by!

Just so you all know, when I talk about going home, it’s because it’s close to that time, but it doesn’t mean I’m working any less . . . I promise. I’m very focused on my Zone and my Area. I know that leaving the Mission behind will bring many tears and twister feelings, but I wan’t wait to see all of you again. I love you all so much. El fin se acerca . . .

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