Monday, February 21, 2011

What a change of heart in just one day, huh?

Hey, family!

Thank you for all of the videos! LOL! I loved ‘em! LOL . . .The last dunk with the Choir singing was pretty fun. Not an amazing dunk as Chuck said, LOL, but just a fun dunk. I can’t wait to be home and see that boy play alongside my other homie, Gordon!

Anyway, as always, I’m gonna answer your questions first . . .

In our Zone, we were yet again not able to come through on the goal that we had. We only baptized five people as a Zone. Seven of the baptismal dates moved to next week and the rest . . . Well . . . I just hope they’re not lost. As for me and my Companion, we baptized two. We baptized Adelfa and Eimy. Manuel wasn’t able to be baptized (even though he is Adelfa’s and a member’s son) because his grandma really raised him and was very against it. Saturday was a very full day, though, ‘cause in the morning, my Companion and I had to get all of Adelfa and Pablo’s papers figured out so that they could be married. Pablo comes from a family of all members of the Church and Adelfa comes from all members of the Catholic Church. Adelfa is so humble, though. She wanted to learn about the Church so much and she wanted so badly to believe. Of course, Heavenly Father answered her prayers and she decided to be baptized even though her family was completely against it. And they were! When the wedding (just a li’l civil wedding with no fancy ceremony) happened, all of Adelfa’s family weren’t too happy to see my Companion and I there. But, as we forced them to talk to us (LOL), they started liking us (I think). Oh, the wedding was at 4pm and the baptism was at 5pm! Anyway . . . Adelfa’s family wasn’t gonna go to the baptism but they decided to go after the nice fun wedding. Sooooo . . . Three quarters of the baptismal room was full of non-members! It was really, really cool! It was, of course, a little hectic to get started on time and all, but it all went well and I couldn’t ask for any more. Eimy was baptized as well. It wasn’t hard to help get Eimy baptized because she’s a 10-year old girl who has always gone to Church. With Adelfa, it was very, very hard but very worth it. I think because Adelfa’s family liked the baptism and all so much that Manuel may be able to get permission to be baptized now. We shall see . . . Oh! And, after the wedding and baptism, Adelfa’s mom invited me and my Companion over to eat to celebrate! What a change of heart in just one day, huh?

Ummmm . . . Yes . . . I am like 100% positive I want to go to Gavilan. I just think it’s my best option. I’ll be with the family for a year or two. It will be cheap schooling and commuting. I’ll be able to keep playin’ ball. I’ll be able to have a solid Church calling. I’ll be able to find a solid job as well. I just think it’s the best idea. Does Gavilan offer any Chinese language classes? What do I have to do for that?

That’s very cool about CCS . . . I hope Gilroy can play well. I know my Junior year we sure let everyone down. It still makes my stomach roll. Isn’t that weird? You’d think I’d get over that a li’l faster! LOL!

Oh! And I don’t think I answered your questions from last week . . . Yes, I usually get mail every week. The weeks we don’t get it are normally change weeks. But we will be getting’ mail again probably on Wednesday.

Oh, hey! I think you should send me a memory card if you want me to send home the one I have. I have like 400 pictures on it and I’m happy to send it home if you all want it, but it would leave me with no memory card and I can’t do that! Sooooo . . . Just a heads up . . .

This week I got to do two Divisions. One with Elder Orozco to do two baptismal interviews in his Area (Flores) while his companion did the two interviews in my Area. The other Division was with San Andres Two and I also went there. I was there all day with Elder Calero. He goes home a change before I do. I really like the kid. The Division went really, really well.

Well . . . I gotta get outta here! I’m sorry, Dad! I really don’t have time to respond to your e-mails! I promise I’ll do it next week! I love you all soooo, soooo much! Thank you for all of your prayers and support! Be smart and safe! Talk to ya soon!

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