Monday, February 22, 2010

We had a baptism this Saturday!

Hey, yo!

I sent Brett an e-mail, but I haven’t heard back from him . . .

Are you disappointed in me for killing and eating an iguana? LOL . . . C’mon, Mom . . . You should be proud!

GHS has really had a good year, huh? That’s pretty cool that they got such a high seed. Weren’t we seeded Number 3 my Junior year? And then we lost to Carlmont? LOL . . . That was dumb . . .

I do know Elder Schone. I talk to him randomly sometimes, but not waaaaay much . . .

Sick stuff that the United States is playin’ some good hockey!

Oh, and I’m very sorry, Stacie, that you couldn’t go to Haiti. But at least you can save your money for more shoes? Or something . . . LOL . . . I’m sorry, though!

Well, I really just don’t have many notes from this week . . .

Well, one really good thing! We had a baptism this Saturday! His name is Fernando. He was also confirmed on Sunday, so everything went all smooth! He’s a 22-year old who will still have the chance to serve a Mission!

I did get your package! Thanks for all the ties! My collection is now at 41 ties! I just need one more and I will have a tie for every day of a change! The hearts with the writing on them were pretty good, too! LOL . . . You put some thought into your poems, didn’t you, Mom? LOL . . . And Dallas, why did you not write your own card? That was not your handwriting, bra . . . Oh, and the SJCC games . . . When are they from? I don’t think I’ll have time to watch ‘em but were they from when I played or are they from this year? And, all the chocolates and muddy buddies . . . Holler! What more can I say???

My Companion and I have been sick . . . Fever, diarrhea, body pains . . . Well, he has just had diarrhea without the other symptoms.

LOL . . . I’m sorry this is so short! I’ll try to make it up to y’all next week. Just nothin’ much happened this week.

Love you all a bazillion, though! More than that actually! Keep it real, though! Oh, and Mom, would you erase my mail on this thing? My mailbox is full . . . Thanks!

Love, love, love you all!

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