Monday, February 8, 2010

That just isn't a man's job . . . LOL!

This is the Stake Center where Derek attends Church
Barrio Hermita, Las Victorias Stake, Guatemala City

Derek lives on the other side of this bridge

Heyyyy yo!

Don’t be sorry or anything about how long your email was! I loved it! I really, really did . . .

Bummer that you guys dropped two games . . . One to Palma and one to Salinas . . . But it sounds like you’ll still make the playoffs, huh? Too bad Greg is averaging 15 points . . . LOL . . . Isn’t that beating me? LOL . . . What did I average my Senior year? I sure shot a lot! Is Dylan gettin’ any more looks on the court? I sure hope so!

I was lookin’ at my Guatemala map this morning and the closest marked Colony that I could find is Canalitos. From Canalitos, I’m like twenty minutes away in a bus. Canalitos was in my last zone when I was in Atlantida. Here in Ermita, we have Mercado San Martin. I think that would be the only recognizable thing here in Ermita. Sorry! Hope you can find it! It’s in the Guatemala City Capital, remember . . . Hahahahahaaaah

Why is it soooooooooo weird to me that Dylan can drive? That just does not seem right to me . . . I remember how he didn’t pass his written test the first time, though. And, supposedly, I’m the dumb one in the family, but I passed on my first try! I’m glad he has his license, though. It is very fun to go do your own thing. I remember the first time I drove alone . . . I was bumpin’ Black Republican . . . LOL . . . What things did you steal from my keychain? I don’t even remember what I had on there! And, Dylan, you’re in trouble with me ‘cause I haven’t received a DearElder from you in a while!

Stacie! You are super lucky! I wish I could go with you to Haiti! You’ll have so much fun! Please write to me about how it is while you’re there. You can always feel the excitement better when you write in the moment and not way after. Congrats, though! Please be safe!

I really liked that “special info” section this week . . . You are gonna have to do that more often . . .

Okay . . . Now my questions and stories . . .

I need info on Randy and James . . . How are they? Can you guys ask them to write to me? Plllleeassssse!

How’s Brett? Can you get me his e-mail address?

Elder Mays is doin’ great. This week, we ate at McDonald’s as a District and all the workers (lady workers) were hittin’ on him while he ordered and all. So, when we were leaving, we had him lead the way out so we could all see their half-fainting reactions. I told him to wave good-bye ‘cause I was walkin’ right behind him. When he threw up his hand and waved good-bye, they all freaked out . . . LOL . . . It was awesome! I didn’t think he was that attractive before, but I guess I have bad taste . . . LOL . . . That dude is smokin’ hot . . . I know it now . . .

I found out that, a long time ago, my Companion had a $60,000 surgery to help him hear. He has a hearing aid that connects to his head but he doesn’t use it because it’s dangerous here, so he hides it away. He put it on once, though . . . He still can’t understand much, but it was pretty cool. I’m happy to know that he knows what music sounds like . . .

Can you send me my Junior year music? Like all the Japan music and stuff? Just whenever you send another package . . .

On Saturday, we did a bunch of service. We cleaned a house where over 40 dogs live . . . Dogs stink . . . I never want a dog. They stink . . . I don’t like ‘em . . . Then, we did more shovel and pick axe work and I got a blister. I like the services that make you feel like a man more than cleaning dirty dog poop floors. That just isn’t a man’s job . . . LOL!

I talked with the Patriarch and his wife for a while last night. They are, by far, my favorites here in my area. I feel like they are my family. It’s the best feeling to have someone like that . . . It’s kind of like having another Grandma and Grandpa for me. They work in the Temple, too, so when we go in a few weeks, I’m hopin’ they are in charge of the Session. They have told me lots of stories about missionaries and temple workers and stuff. It’s the best to talk with older people that are cool, know a bunch and have the Spirit super strong, in every sentence and word.

An investigator offered the prayer this week. It was really long and he made up a cool song for us that he started singing for us . . . LOL . . . He was a radio voice before and he just hasn’t let it go yet . . .

Best story for last . . . You guys would love my companion’s prayers. He doesn’t understand to pray things for the both of us when we pray together. He just kinda does his own personal prayer with me. But he always says really personal things and shares really personal feelings that he has. Well, the other day, we were saying our prayers before we left the house and he said, “Please bless me that I can not be worried ‘bout my family back home. I want to not be worked ‘bout my family. I want you to protect my girlfriend and when I get home I will ask her to marry me. We will get married and I will invite my companion, Elder Jensen. It’s like that. In the name . . . .” You guys know the rest . . . LOL . . . It was a pretty bomb prayer, though. Sometimes he just says nice things in his prayers about me so that I will smile at him and give him a pat on the back afterward. LOL . . . It’s pretty cool and fun.

Anyway, this half change has flown by pppphhhhh . . . Super fast! Those are my updates, though! In numbered form for Tom . . . LOL . . . I’m always gonna throw that out there at Tom. Well, I sure love you guys! I’m stoked for the package! I miss you millions! Be good and safe! Love you all!

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