Monday, March 1, 2010

You know I love a challenge!

Hey, yo!

First of all, I’m sorry that I couldn’t write much last week. It wasn’t just that much didn’t happen, I just couldn’t write very much because I felt so bad and didn’t wanna be sitting down thinkin’ and typin’ . . . Yes, I am all better now, though! We didn’t work for two days ‘cause of me this past week though . . . Dumb . . .

My District did good on the goal! Although we did not complete it, everyone had their best week of the change as far as investigators at Church go! So, I was for sure happy. We will have to get better on plannin’ it out, though. I think we can do a lot better. I know we can do a lot better.

Yes . . . I got the memory card. I also finished the muddy buddies today . . . Dumb . . . That’s the second dumb thing I’ve written about! LOL!

That’s really, really cool that Gilroy won their CCS game. I’m wishin’ ‘em the best vs. Serra!

LOL . . . Thanks for the guest speaker. That’ll be a great opportunity for Ash and Tom! My . . . I must say, too, that you and Ash are great typers grammatically. Keep workin’ on the baby, Ash! LOL! But just ‘cause you wrote me an e-mail doesn’t mean you don’t have to send me a DearElder! I expect one soon, ya heard!!!!

Thanks for the Aaliyah story. I dunno why sometimes those really touch me. They sure did today, though. It makes me so happy to hear those stories. And to know that she is so random!!!! That’s just proof that she’s my li’l baby girl! I would totally say the same things ‘bout those pictures and you know it’s true! LOL!

Okay, okay, okay . . . Hold it down. My stories now . . .

Well, President continues to throw more pressure on me! Which is a good thing! This change, I will still be with Elder Barrientos in my Ermita area butttttttttt . . . Drum roll . . . I will also be training a new missionary! LOL! President told me that it will be a North American which means I’m basically gonna be training two people at the same time. So, yea, we will be in a trio! And I’ll still be District Leader. It should be a crazy change! Should be fun, though! You know I love a challenge!

Did you know that Kam Handy is in the Army in Germany!!!!!!!???????? Spencer just wrote me and told me ‘bout it! What the heck! I don’t like that at all! I’m really worried! I don’t like that! And KJ is in Afghanistan! I’m so worried! I’m sure they’ll be fine, but I don’t like that at all at all!

We had Stake Conference this week. It was amazing! Elder Martino of the Seventy and Elder Rivas of the Seventy spoke to us! President Torres also spoke at the conference. They all gave amazing talks and I felt like I learned a bunch and was, for sure, enlightened! I spoke personally to Elder Martino! He gave me advice on finding good new investigators. And, I took the advice! And, of course, it worked! The advice of those that really understand it all . . . It’s amazing . . . The words and advice of those who talk with a living Prophet . . . LOL . . . Yea . . . It works . . .

Elder Legua was transferred back into Guatemala City! He is one of the best missionaries in the mission! I’m so glad that I will get to start seeing him again! I was really hoping that he would be in my District, but just to see him today was awesome! I miss that dude!

Anyway . . . Those are my stories and questions for the week! I love and miss you all! Be safe and good! Write me a DearElder . . . I’ll be waiting! Love, love, love, love you!

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