Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My testimony is a platano!

Hey, Pops!

The work is great right now! My Comp and I have been killin’ it! We have been leadin’ the District and all that good stuff since I got here two weeks ago! We have set SIX baptismal dates! We are on fire! And, this next week, we will almost 100% for sure set THREE more! Cool, huh? We have some really good, progressing investigators! The Lord has really prepared a lot of people here . . . Makes my work easier!

My Companion is doing great and he is really learning a lot! Poor kid doesn’t understand the Spanish language all so perfectly. So, for Companion study, I get to teach him a lot. He is really learning a lot, though, and is really growing into a good Missionary!

My testimony is doin’ great, Dad! If my testimony were a banana, it wouldn’t be a banana . . . It would be a platano. That’s a really, really big type of banana here in Central America. And it would be bright yellow, ready to eat . . . As tasty as it gets! My testimony really is doin’ great and I’m really, really growin’!

One Companionship in my District doesn’t work very effectively . . . At least that’s what I’m seeing . . . So, this week, I’m goin’ on Division with them as my Zone Leders are tellin’ me I shoulddo to help them out. All four of them are workin’ hard, though. It’s a good District.

I will get better in the ways that you tell me, though! And I will start planning out a Sunday for our District to have twenty investigators in Church! It would be awesome!

Thank you for your testimony, Dad. I really do grow by hearing the testimonies of people that I respect and love and, of course, ya fit in that category! Thank you for all of your help and thank you for pushin’ me to get better! I’ll do my best! I sure love you millions, Dad! Thanks for everything! Take care of my family! Like you always do . . . Love you!

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