Monday, February 15, 2010

I can teach in three languages! Cool, huh?!?!?!

Hey yoooooo!

I don’t think I averaged 16 points per game in High School . . . Maybe I did, though . . . LOL . . . What does MBay Preps say? LOL . . . I’m just curious! I’m trying to live in my past glory time! LOL . . .

Thank you for Brett’s e-mail address! I hit him up already!

Congrats, Dylan, for your solid game last week! Keep it goin’ dude! Good luck headin’ into playoffs!

And, no, I haven’t received your package yet . . . I’m anxiously waiting, though!

Good to hear ‘bout Aaliyah (Derek’s 3-year old niece and love of his life)! That will never get old! I actually had a dream ‘bout her this week. I had just come home from my Mission and this little, big girl came and I picked her up and gave her a huge hug. I never saw the girl’s face, but I started bawling in my dream and I just know it was her. I could feel it in the dream. It was a cool, but sad dream. Especially to wake up without here there for the big hug. It’s all good, though. Just a li’l longer. Good to hear the missionaries are visiting you guys, too, though! I understand missionary work! I dunno why we never got many visits before! LOL!

Okay . . . My updates, yo . . .

Oh! Can you send me the picture of me with all my shoes? That’s just an important picture to me, LOL . . .

How long does a VISA last? One of my investigators has that question . . .

Happy Birthday, Aunt Chris! That was this week, correct? How old are you now?

We had Zone Conference this week. It was really long, but it was solid. I gave the prayer before lunch . . . LOL . . . Not much to update on Zone Conference. Just that it happened . . . LOL . . . We also had interviews with the President this week. They were cool . . . LOL . . . Dunno what more to say. With those things happening this week, though, my District and the whole Zone had horrible DATS. My Companion and I were still probably the best, but ours weren’t great either.

One of our investigators caught an iguana and was gonna sell it, but I told him that I had never tasted iguana before and I heard it was good . . . Soooo . . . He had me kill the iguana and then we cooked it and all and . . . Two hours after I killed it, we ate it! No joke! Iguana is really, really tasty. It’s like a richer chicken basically . . .

I had to do three interviews for baptism this week. One was with a 9-year old girl with members of the Church in her family, so that interview was really easy. One of the others was a 19-year old guy who is gonna be a solid member and that interview was really easy, too. The interview that was really, really hard, though, was for a 9-year old who doesn’t have members of the Church in her family. President normally does those interviews, but he authorized me to do it. Wow! I see why he normally does it! I gave some details of the interview in my tape record ‘bout that . . . LOL . . . It’s a realy long story. Good news is that they were all baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday this week!

Oh! Happy Valentine’s Day! Did Dylan or Stacie have Valentines?

I’m not gonna lie . . . I gave a very powerful District Meeting this morning. We had to hold our meeting today ‘cause we get to go to the Temple on Wednesday. Oh, and I think my best friend patriarch and his wife are goin’ to be able to be in charge of the Session! I’m soooo excited! In the District meeting, though, I committed my District to get 20 investigators in Church on February 28th. I really think we can do it! I’m super pumped to see how it goes! We’ve just gotta be committed! It was a really, really powerful District Meeting, though . . . I really feel like I’m becoming such a better tool in the Lord’s hands. It’s sickkkkkkkk . . . LOL . . .

I had a suuuuuuuuuuuuper cool lesson this week. We went to Llano Largo this week to teach the deaf girl, Jazmine, but she had a deaf friend there, too. So, it was three deaf people and me . . . And my Companion doesn’t understand the gospel quite 100%, so I got to teach three deaf people in signs!!!!!!! And then, after, Jazmine’s mom came. She only speaks Spanish and doesn’t speak sign language very much. So, we watched The Restoration in sign language for my Companion and the two others. But, when you watch in sign language, you can only listen in English, so I translated the whoooooolle movie for the Mom! It was maybe the coolest moment of my mission so far! In that moment, when I translated the First Vision, I felt (I knew) like I was being such a big tool in the Lord’s hands. He really has shaped me into his personal tool. I can teach in three languages! Cool, huh?!?!?!?!?!

Well, that’s all from ya boy this week! I sure love you all! Everyone be safe and stay healthy! Send me DearElders! And good work, Mom, on always keepin’ me posted with those DearElders! Love you all billions! Thanks for everything!

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