Monday, February 1, 2010

We had 7 investigators in Church yesterday!

Hey, it’s me!

Good work, Dylan and Gilroy High School! Are they undefeated in league? How many points is Greg averaging? Who else scores a lot? And how much are they averaging? What are Dylan’s stats like?

I found all black Nike shoes in a paca! They are like boots so they are really good to work in and they look kinda like dress shoes. They only cost me like $7 though! HOLLER! So, I’m good on shoes right now . . . Thank you for asking!

Ermita is in Guatemala City just like the Maya and Atlantida. It’s a colony in Guatemala City. Guatemala City is huuuuuuge with lots of colonies and apartments . . .

Mom, you sounded like an old lady talkin’ ‘bout carbon monoxide poisoning, LOL . . . Good lookin’ out . . . It really isn’t that cold anymore and all. I sleep in a sheet and I’m very comfortable. Don’t trip, home girl . . . Good lookin’ out, though . . .

That’s crazy ‘bout Elder Mays! LOL! As soon as I read that, I turned around and told him what you had written . . . Then he read me what his mom had written ‘bout it too! LOL! Kind of a small world, huh?

Well, fam . . . I really don’t have a lot to say . . . But here goes!

My left shoulder is inflamed again . . . LOL . . . Yes, it hurts! Ever since I started doin’ more push-ups and workouts again. Don’t trip, I’m all good! Just a li’l update . . . Nothin more . . .

I cut my own hair this morning! My Companion has clippers, so I gave myself the normal, all around three . . . I think I did a lot better job than the barbers do! No joke! I’m gonna buy my own clippers soon. It’s just hard, actually impossible, to line up the back side, but what do I care? I don’t! LOL!

We had some really cool lessons this week . . . The first was with a lady named Lizeth. She is around 35 and she has five children. The children are all members but she is not. Well, she was making some choices that made it impossible for her to be baptized but she has changed her ways! Soooooo . . . She is super excited to be able to get baptized! I had all of her kids yellin’ at her like, “We wanna live with you forever!” and “We wanna be an eternal family!” It was pretty cool and the mom was pretty stoked about it. We have a baptismal date with her this week!

The other cool lesson was with Jazmin, the deaf lady in Llano Largo. I had taught my Companion Lesson 2 that morning because he was having a hard time understanding it. Then, in the afternoon, I got to watch him teach it to her. I also helped a lot and drew out a lot of things on a li’l white board to help explain. It was pretty cool, though, ‘cause she ended up understanding it all and errrrthang . . .

Can you send me a picture of the Oakland Temple with the next package you send? I wanna show people and now I really miss my Temple. Oh, and I couldn’t see the muddy buddy video . . . Dang it! What happened in the video?

Our Ward finally got a Bishop called. I guess the Bishop moved away over a month ago, so the First Counselor was acting as Bishop for a while. Then, yesterday, they called a new Bishop and it is the son of the old First Counselor! Kinda cool, huh? Every Ward needs a Bishop! It was a li’l bit of a worry and our Ward should be blessed a lot more now. We had seven investigators in Church yesterday! Five were first timers! Holler!

Well, time is continuing to just fly by now . . . Ever since I got called as a leader, time is goin’ by way faster ‘cause I have to worry ‘bout workin’ super hard to be an example. I always have in the back of my head, “How is my District?” How is he?” “Why aren’t they havin’ success?” All these questions! When I’m not just focused on myself, the time just flies by! And, yea, this week, I will be finishing 1/3 of my Mission! Crazy, huh? I guess I actually have some time under my belt now . . . I guess . . . I still don’t feel like it though!

Anyway . . . I sure love you guys! Keep it real! I hope everyone is doin’g great ! Love you bizzilions!

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