Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm learning sign language!

Hey, yo!

Happy P-day!


Just had to start with our Billy Mays commercial . . . I got reminded of him this week . . . Big, ripped guy.

The weather right now is very normal. The really cold nights have stopped. It’s been a comfortable temperature, without rain. When you’re walkin’ around all day, though, it does seem to be a li’l hot!

Yes, my Companion is completely deaf. He can’t hear at all. I’m learning sign language! I can spell out everything and can sign some things. Spanish and English signs are different, though, so when I get home, this probably won’t help me at all! My Companion can also read lips really, really well. He is a really, really talented kid . . . Like super duper talented. He is hard to understand when he talks, but he is a super guy. He was here for three changes before I got here, though, so, yes . . . We have investigators and what not . . .

My house is nice. Two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. I eat lots of bread, eggs, soup, beans and whatever else people invite me to eat! But, I’m eating really, really good . . .

Good work on ya talk, Dylan . . . I’m sure you rocked the party . . .

Okay . . . My turn . . .

How did Dylan do with basketball this week?

How much time do McKay and Tyler have on their missions now? I think it might be crazy, crazy, but does Tyler have a year already?????

Well, we had two baptisms this Saturday! Blanca, a 13-year old girl and Glenda, a 9-year old girl. Our goal is not just baptize li’l people and girls, but it worked out that way and they were prepared so it was cool. The Mission Leader did the baptism . . . I kinda just walked into those baptisms but I helped out on ‘em so I feel good ‘bout my work there . . .

This was a very, very, very fast week. Like wwaaaaaaaay too fast. We have some cool investigators, though! One is named Marvin. He is deaf and speaks through sign language, so my Companion is teachin’ him a bunch! We also have two investigators in Llano Largo, which is about thirty minutes by bus from our hours and is out of our Zone, but President gave us permission to go teach them because they are deaf as well! So my Companion is teaching them! Pretty cool, huh?

It’s cool . . . When we’re singing hymns, I have to point to the words and my Companion just sings his own tune. It’s way off, but he gets the words for the most part! In prayers, he puts his arm around my neck so that he can feel the vibrations and knows when to say “amen” because he can feel the vibrations stop . . . Cool, huh?

This week’s District Meeting was really, really good actually! I tried to prepare for it for the three days before we had it so I could be receiving revelation throughout those days and it really helped. I had prepared really, really well, but even when I taught, more revelations came that really, really helped me! My District is five North Americans and my Companion. We had the District meeting so that he can understand if he reads the lips. I felt like it was really, really good, though! And, don’t worry, Dad . . . This week we had the best DATS and the most baptisms, so I’m leadin’ by example! I gotta have the best DATS every week or I can’t say anything to my District to get better!

Remember that guy that spoke in our Stake . . . He was a hitman before or something? He killed people, right? So, killing isn’t an unforgivable sin . . . ?

Where is Nelson Reeves playing?

I got to do Divisions twice this week. I had to leave my area both times. On Thursday, after District meeting, I went to the area of the Zone leaders with Elder Winn and his Companion went to my area with my Companion. We did Divisions so that the Zone Leader could do the two baptismal interviews in my Area. I really learned a lot from Elder Winn, though. Stuff that I needed to learn really, really bad as far as the books go and stuff. Then, on Friday, I got to go on Divisions again with Elder Mays. He is a new missionary . . . Of course, from Utah. He was a really good guy, though. Elder Maake, a big Tongan from Alaska went to my area so that I could give my first baptismal interview to one of their investigators in that Area. She passed so it was all good and easy. Then, on Saturday, she was also baptized! So, my District has had three baptisms already! Holler! Making me look good! LOL!

This morning, I called Leila (one of the baptisms from Atlantida) and they passed around the phone to everyone in the family and it’s a really big fam. When everyone loves you like that and you can tell that you have changed their lives, it makes ya feel real good. Makes it all worth it, really . . . Even the family members that we didn’t baptize are goin’ to be in sometime soon, so it’s all happiness.

Well, those are my updates for now! I sure love you all! A billions!

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  1. Cherie,
    Derek's letter brought tears to my eyes and to my family as I told them the story about his companion putting his arm around Derek's neck so he could feel the vibrations and know when to say Amen. What a once in a lifetime experience for them both! What an incredibly humble and patient son you have raised. I don't think everyone could do what he is doing. He sounds like a very hard working missionary and one I hope my son will one day meet and grow to be like him in the field.
    2 weeks to go for us....