Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"I'm gonna finish strong"

Hey, family!

Wow! I’ll only have two more times to write you all after today! How weird, huh?

Thanks for all of your fun updates yet again . . . You haven’t let me down in two years. You’re the best!

Very cool that you guys got to have so much contact with General Authorities this week. They always have a special spirit about them. Too bad Elder Ballard couldn’t stay at our house . . . LOL . . .

Hey . . . Did you guys already start inviting all my friends to that big party? I’m just a li’l nervous to see everyone so fast again. Huggin’ girls and stuff . . . Weird . . .

And . . . Thanks for your advice. I won’t bring anything home that I won’t use. Thank you! I think I’ll for sure meet the 50-pound weight limit!

And . . . Good, good job with your reading of the Book of Mormon, Mom! I really love that book, too. My testimony of Jesus Christ has been strengthened sooooo, sooooo much by it . . .

Welllllll . . . As for me . . . This week was interesting . . . It was interesting ‘cause we weren’t allowed to work on Tuesday ‘cause of this whole drug movin’ problem. Now we have to be in our house every day at 7pm instead of 9pm. It makes work much tougher ‘cause now we got out to visit at 9am and no one is in their homes at that time and we lose the visits at 7pm and 8pm at night which are the best hours of the day to find people in their homes. Soooooo . . . It’s a li’l struggle but we will get over it. It will last a month, though, the being home at 7pm thing . . .

This week I got to do two Divisions. One was with Elder Smith in my Area and the other was with Elder Francks in Dolores. They were very interesting Divisions. The one with Elder Smith was amazing because he is from my group and I had never been able to serve even near him until now. He is known for being very spiritual and I sure loved the guy! He works hard and loves what he does. He was a Zone Leader for seven changes and was made a Trainer for his last change. I respect the guy a lot because his perspectives on everything are Celestial. He understands and gets the vision of how everything affects you eternally.

The Division with Elder Francks was fun, too . . . His is in a very tough area but we were able to have a successful day.

Hey! I finished the New Testament this week! That was my second time on the Mission. Maaaaaan . . . I understood it soooooo much better this time!

Also, yesterday we had Zone Conference and on Monday we had Zone Interviews. That’s why I hadn’t written you guys yet. Wow . . . What a great two days. I feel renewed. It was exactly what I needed for my last two weeks. I’m pumped to achieve some new goals before I leave my Zone behind. I had to give my last Zone Conference testimony . . . Weird. I almost cried, but didn’t . . . Don’t worry . . . I’m soooo excited, too . . . I’m gonna finish strong.

President and Hermana Torres gave great talks . . . It was their last trip to Peten as President and Wife of the Mission. My Companion and Elder Williams (a kid I trained for a day before they put me with Elder Mortensen to train and is now the AP . . . Kinda cool) gave great talks as well. Great two days. Great, great, great . . .

Well . . . I sure love you all! I’m very safe . . . Hit me up! See you soon!

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