Monday, May 9, 2011

"Heavens of Happiness"


One month!

It was great to talk to all of you! I really did miss talking to Ashley and Tom, but that’s all good. I’ll see ‘em soon!

Well, you guys know everything that’s goin’ on in my life . . . I just thought that since my Mission is now comin’ to an end, I’d share a li’l bit about how I feel about these two years and about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in general.

Ummmm . . . Where to start . . .

Before my Mission here in Guatemala, I really wasn’t a very good example to many people . . . LOL . . . I wasn’t a bad kid either, don’t get me wrong . . . But I for sure could have been better. I personally apologize to all of my friends and family members to who I’ve been a bad example. I also apologize to those that I have done stupid things with or around. Sure, everyone knew I was a Mormon ‘cause I didn’t drink or smoke . . . LOL . . . But I did some things that I shouldn’t have and it makes me feel bad that I wasn’t the 100% great example that I should have been of this Church.

I really didn’t understand the reality and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ until I got out here. Once I started really reading the scriptures every day and started praying with a sincere heart many, many times a day, I really started to feel a change. It wasn’t that I just didn’t wanna drink or smoke, it was that I don’t ever want to be around alcohol or any kind of drug . . . LOL . . . It changed me from not wanting to cuss to not ever wanting to hear another cuss word in my life. I understand that these things will be around me forever because they are part of the world, but just ‘cause I’m in the world doesn’t mean I have to be part of it.

I honestly know that God loves every single one of us and wants the best for every single one of us. He knows me and all of us individually. Once I really learned that, not just be hearing it, but by feeling it, I could just feel a nice, peaceful change in me. I don’t plan on going home and never leaving the house ‘cause everyone is bad . . . LOL . . . But I do plan on just trying to live a little higher. I don’t plan on goin’ home and being a weirdo and only talk about Jesus either. But I do plan on having my actions reflect Him a lot, lot better.

I honestly know for a fact that Jesus came to Earth to pay for every single one of our sins and He calls us to repent, be baptized, and come unto Him. I know that His Gospel, authority, Church, and teachings were restored (because they were 100% lost after his crucifixion and because of the death of all of those who held the authority to lead the Church) by a Prophet named Joseph Smith. I don’t worship Joseph Smith, but I do thank him for all he did (even giving his own life) to restore the Church of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

If Joseph Smith was a Prophet, it means this Church is the only true Church to baptize and help us make other sacred promises with God. But, if Joseph Smith was not a Prophet, the Mormon Church is one of the biggest lies of all time. I know this isn’t a lie. I have gotten down on my knees and asked my Heavenly Father in prayer if this is the true Church and He has told me, “yes”, through His still, small voice and by promptings in my heart. Yes . . . This is His Church.

Through the power and authority that those called hold, families can be sealed together and live together forever and not just for this short life. The heavens would not be heavens of happiness without my family.

These two years have changed my life. I no longer feel the urge to find worldly happiness . . . LOL . . . I no longer want to have seventy pair of shoes and spend all of my money on hats and jackets . . . LOL . . . I know the only way to be happy is to be humble and live the commandments.

I CANNOT wait to see all of you again (family and friends)! I hope to still have all of my friends when I get home. It’s been so long, but I love them sooo, sooo much. I just wanted to share my feelings real quick . . .

Just ‘cause I’m a good Christian, though, doesn’t mean I’m gonna take it easy on the basketball court . . . LOL . . . I love you all soooooo much! See you in a month!

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