Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A new Zone Leader in Molina!

Heyyyyy family!

Wellllll . . . Happy 4th of July! How cool is it to know (even though I missed this one) that I will never have to miss a 4th of July with you guys ever, ever, never again! That’s a good feeling! Well, thanks for your updates! Here come mine!

Wellllll . . . I thought I would start with things from last week that I forgot to write about.

Last week was Ward Conference, sooooooo, we got a special Choir together. We sang two songs as a group of about fifteen. Then, the last hymn of the Conference was sung by a trio which included me, Zusi and a guy named Willy. It turned out really good! I’m really, really sorry I didn’t record it or anything. It was really nice to sing with people that can sing again, though! Like I’ve said before, I kinda miss Choir! Ohhhh! And as far as investigators at Church, we didn’t reach our goal . . . But we did really good! We had thirteen visiting the Church, three of them for the first time. But then, yesterday, we followed it up good with nine at Church, with four of them there for the first time. Not too shabby!

Ohhhh! And from two weeks ago, we taught forty-two lessons! That was my personal record, so it was solllllliiddddd!

During this past week, I got to go on divisions with Elder Barrientos because his Area was having a baptism and I got to go to the interview. Well, it was amazingly fun to be with him again. I was with him for three months as my companion and I always pushed him so much to grow that I don’t think I enjoyed the two changes with him enough. But, I got to just relax that one day with him and we had a ball! My cheeks hurt the whole day from laughing so much! He’s a good kid. I really admire the kid. The child I interviewed for baptism passed and was baptized and confirmed!

Well . . . Just an FYI . . . The Change Day is being changed. It’s always been on Mondays, right? But after today, they are changing the Changing Conferences to Wednesday.

Wellllll . . . I had a change! I found out on Saturday night. So, yesterday, I said lots of good-byes. It was bittersweet. I had been in that area for six months! I had to leave some great friends behind. I received so many nice letters and gifts from everyone. I was invited to many dinners, too. LOL . . . I’m so popular . . . LOL . . . But really, though . . . It was really cool to see how much everyone cared. Saying good-bye to my three sets of “grandparents” was really hard. Hermano Schoenfeld was really sick yesterday and I gave him a blessing. It was the second time I have given him a blessing for health. I tried very hard to listen to the Spirit during his blessing.

Okay . . . Now what cha all been waiting for! In my change, they threw me to the Molino Zone with Elder Chesley. He is from St. George, Utah. I kind of knew him from before. He is a cool guy. He has twenty months in the mission on the dot today. I will be serving with him as Zone Leader now which will be a great experience because I will get to learn all of the Zone Leader stuff! I’m excited to serve as a Zone Leader. I should be able to help many more missionaries and, at the same time, I will get to interact with the President and his Assistants more and learn more from them, too (even though they kind make me nervous sometimes . . . LOL . . . But they are great guys . . . All three of them. So . . . I’m excited). Also, Elder Smith (who entered the mission at the same time as me) was called as a Zone Leader. It’s cool ‘cause we are the youngest (in mission time) serving as Zone Leaders. It should be a great learning experience. Ohhhh . . . And, my dad, Elder Ireland, is in my Zone! Hahahahahaha! It will be cool to be around him again. It’s just really funny that my dad will probably end his mission with his son as his Zone Leader . . . LOL . . .

But, yea . . . I’m doin’ great and I’m very excited for this change. We shall see what goes down! Thanks for everything! Lemme know if ya got any questions or anything for me! Love you all sooo, sooo much and miss you soooooo much!

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