Monday, July 19, 2010

Elder Stinkypants

Hello, family!

Soooo anyway . . . I forgot my glasses today and I basically already have a headache from reading without them, but I’m gonna keep fighting through it!

Sooo thanks for the updates today! I wrote letters back to Dylan, Matt and Nate today sooo I’ll be sending those off! Please stay on James and Randy . . . I really wanna hear from them!

Sounds like Dylan had a ball at EFY! I’m very excited for him that he played well in his tourney this past weekend! I sure hope he has a greeeeat year. Make sure you record a few of his games ‘cause I won’t be able to see him play even one Varsity game in person!

Sounds like Dad and Dylan had a ball on their long trip too. I miss long rides with Dad just chattin’ it up. Talkin’ ‘bout high school bball . . . Church things always seem to jump into the conversation, too . . . LOL . . . It’s like, “Wow, he has a great jumper!” Then Dad, “It just makes you think about Moroni 11:26 when they gave thanks for all the athletic talent they had” . . . LOL . . .

And I’m excited for you guys at home to be able to have the full house. That’ll be fun!

Soooo . . . I did get the package on Wednesday! And I loved it of course! LOL . . . I was laughing that so many people wrote on my Facebook on my birthday! (We printed out all of the Happy Birthday wishes people wrote on Derek’s Facebook page and sent them to him). I haven’t been on Faebook since I left for my mission! And the M&Ms . . . Well . . . They are all gone. Delicious while they lasted, though! I forgot to bring Dylan’s DVDs to watch while I’m on the internet today. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to watch them next week. How long are they? Thanks for your letter, Kim! And the card and the memory cards . . . Holler! Thanks! Great package! I do appreciate it, Mom! Thank you!

Welllll . . . I’m gonna try to exactly answer your questions . . . Probably the best thing I ate this week were the M&Ms, graham crackers with chocolate frosting or maybe a crunch wrap from Taco Bell that was a couple days old . . . LOL . . . I think it gave me b.u., but the smell reminded me sooooo much of home that it was delicious even though it wasn’t . . . LOL . . . Understand?

The worst thing I ate this week was probably . . . Ummm . . . Nothin’ was my not favorite . . . LOL . . . Maybe the crunch wrap at the same time ‘cause I think it made my stomach a li’l sick . . . LOL . . .

It hasn’t been way too hot here and . . . yea . . . we are in rainy season but it hasn’t been too bad lately . . . How hot is Gilroy right now? I bet it’s burning up! It’s Garlic Festival time again . . . Weirrrrrd . . .

Well . . . Best info first. We had two baptisms yesterday! Ricardo and Audiel! So, that was awesome! It was stressful but we got it done and that’s all that matters! One came to church really late on Sunday for the confirmation but he came in time so he got confirmed without a real problem . . .

Ummm . . . I had two divisions this week. My first one was with elder Monzon in Durazno. I thought I was gunna hate Durazno cause it’s in the limits of the Capital and I thought it was just gunna be warm and dusty but . . . Wooooooow! It was amazing! I loooooved the area! It was a bunch of mountains and I took some good pictures. On divisions there, I did a baptismal interview and the girl passed so it was a great division. Elder Monzon was a cool guy and we got along great. Then, my other division was with elder Wixom. He’s one of the Assistants. The Assistants were just doin’ divisions with all the zone leaders this week. It was cool to be with Elder Wixom, though, ‘cause I’ve known him since day one in the mission field. We had a fun time and I had people calling him Elder Stinkypants . . . LOL . . . It was funny. It had him almost crying from laughing. It was a fun division and I taught a couple new ways to teach some things.

Soooo . . . yea! That’s what went down this week! It was a very fun week and passed ohhhhh so fast. I loved it! Well, hit me up, everyone! I sure love and miss you all!

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