Monday, July 12, 2010

Well . . . I'm doing great, family!

Hello again!

I dunno know what week number it is and I don't want you to tell me . . . LOL . . . But I know it's a week number a lot. I lack soooo much time to come home but it's soooo short at the same time. Buuuuut . . . Thanks for all the updates!

I did get Matt and Nate's letters! I haven't had a chance to write back to them yet, but I sure enjoyed the letters and I'm very excited to write 'em back!

To answer your questions, I think, yes, I can give you all of the names of the Elders and Sisters in my Zone. We have Elder Williams as District Leader with Elder Ixcoy as his companion. In their District is Elder Davis with Elder Monzo and Elder Garcia with Elder Maldonado. In the other District, we have Elder Housley and Elder Godfrey as District Leaders, Elder Molina with Elder Mays, Elder Ireland with Elder Dixon and Hermana Ayala with Hermana Dieguez. This is Elder Williams and Elder Housley's first time serving as District Leaders, so we get to work with and train them quite a bit.It's just a normal size Zone. Four of the Elders are Office Elders. The dats in the area were sooooooo low when I came here last week, but we changed that quickly in just one week! The dats improved by over 15%, so we just gotta keep it up!

My companion is a really, really nice guy and I doubt that we will have any problems at all. Being Zone Leader is sooooooo much better than being a District Leader. A lot more chill . . .

In our area, we have two baptisms coming up this Saturday! They are basically on lock, too . . . They look pretty good to go.

I can't believe Marie got married! LOL . . . That's soooo weird to me! It's cool, though . . . Very cool.

And how cool that Jeff Gaines got home! How is Robert doing? Does he still go to Church? I love that kid so much. I really hope he's doing well. Would you please try to get his home or e-mail address for me??

And Randy and James . . . How are they? Please bug 'em to have 'em write me!

Aaight . . . Well, I'll try and give a few updates!

LOL . . . Funny story . . . This Stake has a Relief Society Basketball Tournament . . . LOL . . . We took three investigators to go watch it and it was awesome! They all stink and they think like soccer players. When the ball goes outta bounds under the hoop, they run to the corner to throw it in . . . LOL. When the ref calls a foul, they hurry to the sideline and throw it in asap for a fast break . . . LOL. The fans are crrrrrrazy! On both sidelines, the Wards are standing and cheering! They sing and change the whoooooollle game. When someone scores a lay-up or a freethrow, they all run onto the court and go crazy! LOL! And they are mean! The other team was shooting and their fans were singing, "You can do it!" Then the girl airballed and our fans started yelling, "You couldn't do it!" LOL! It's the best! I've never had fans this god! I could just see the Church coming out with a Relief Society basketball movie . . . LOL . . . It'd be the best! Anyway, my Ward won like 70 to 20 'cause we have one young in-shape girl that runs like crazy . . . LOL . . . Everyone else is slow and they are huuuuuuge gunners! LOL! Good stuff!

In my Ward this week, we just got a new Bishop. The prior Bishop served for over five years and, wow, he is a greaaaaaaat guy! Very genuine, kind and caring. We stopped by his house to say "congrats" and all. The poor guy had been drying all day . . . Haha . .. Greatttttt guy though. I love him to death and I barely know him! Then they called a really young, new Bishop. He is just 26 years old. Great guy, though . . . I'm sure he will do an amazing job. Our Ward attendance is from 120 to 150 every week, so I'm lookin' forward to many references! We had seven investigators in Church this week, too! So that was good! We also have four baptismal dates and we should be bumping it up maybe tonight! We shall see!

Well . . . I'm doing great, family! I look forward to hearing from you! Love you all sooooooo much!

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