Monday, June 28, 2010

As long as God thinks I'm cool....

Hello, Mother! And Family! And friends who are tuned in!

Well, as you know, I will be waiting on your package! Well, not on it . . . I’d have to be in the States to be waiting “ooonnn” the package. I’ll be waiting for the package here in Guatemala. Man . . . That was such a Dad joke . . . I’m not even gonna delete it, though . . .

Yes . . . Can you just double check on the license thing, though, please, Missy? Shanks!

I will try really, really hard to tell you more ‘bout what’s goin’ on . . . But sometimes just nothin’ goes on and then when stuff does go on, I type really, really slow. I still got a two finger drill goin’ on . . . I’ll exhort myself, though!

That’s exciting about Adam getting married! I remember that they were dating for a li’l while. That’s pretty cool, though! I bet Brett was bummed to have to miss the wedding, huh? Poor li’l kiddo . . .

As far as rain goes, it has been rainin’ most of the day again today, but no storm has hit so far. We will hope another doesn’t hit . . . LOL . . . It isn’t fun for missionaries . . .

Aaaaaaah . . . It makes me happy to know that Aaliyah still ties me to Yosemite ‘cause that is really one of my last, huge memories of being with her!!!!! Ahhhh . . . That makes me happy. Thank you!

Aaaaight . . . Well, hurrrrr I go with some li’l updates!

Ummmm . . . I finished the Book of Mormon again! That completes number six for me! Number four in the mission! And I’m in D&C 132 right now, so ‘bout to finish it for the second time! Sooooo much interesting stuff in D&C. It takes a lot of thinking. Who would have ever thought that I could love reading so much, though??? In high school, I prided myself in passing classes without reading. . . I guess the gospel isn’t like that though, huh? LOL . . . I loooooove me scriptures soooooo much! It’s really weird . . . I feel so much like Dad because I honestly just loooonnggg to learn about the scriptures and the gospel. It’s so cool how I’ve become that way, huh? Just one year in the mish and I’m a newww man! I hope I’m still cool . . . Nah . . . I don’t really care . . . As long as God thinks I’m cool . . .

Well, I’ll tell you guys a li’l ‘bout my companion . . . He is a great guy who is working so hard and is changing for the better all the time. I was just complimenting him on his growth yesterday! He is accepting of the things I teach him, he studies a lot more, he is understanding a lot of what he studies, and he talks with the people easily now. LOL . . . He is actually grabbing a li’l humor to him! I’ll say it . . . I’ve never, never, ever seen someone grow so much in such a short period of time. It’s been really cool. I feel like since I learned from my first training experience (with Elder Mortensen), I’ve been able to train much better this time around. And, yea, these five weeks have really, really flown by. He’s really a good kid and he’s getting’ there.

As far as investigators, we have millions! But ones that are really progressing? We have seven . . . Estuardo (15 years old), Omar and Mirna (a couple, they are both around 25 years old), Carlos (the husband of a recent convert) who might be the best we have right now, Sonia, Andrea and Carmen (Carmen is the aunt of Andrea and Sonia). Andrea is 14 years old, Sonia is 17 years old and Carmen is probably 30 or 35. We have invited all of them to be baptized and they seem really close, but for various reasons (gone for three weeks to work, studying Sundays sometimes, sickness, needs more time, has to talk to her Dad), they just haven’t come to church enough times and some haven’t accepted fechas. But they are really doing well and are really receptive and complete with the commitments.

The frustrating note of the week is Manuel. He’s the guy who had a dream about this being the true church. He knows it’s all true but his wife won’t let him be baptized. (It’s like . . . C’mon, dude . . . Wear the pants!) So, he stopped coming to church. He preaches at his church and has “privileges” there (What the heck is that, man? LOL). The funny part is that he is teachin’ his church what we teach him and he’s in 2nd Nephi right now and is teaching from the Book of Mormon!

Speaking of the Book of Mormon again . . . Is Dylan reading? Is everyone reading right now? And James and Randy? Whud up?

The District is doing well. We will see what happens in changes . . . See if I get to be around these guys more or if I’m out. The problem is that my District isn’t putting fechase and we get lots of people in church . . . So . . .Guess what I’ll be talkin’ ‘bout in District meeting???? Putting fechas, duhhhhh! Hopefully we can get this all figured out. We are all workin’ hard, though . . . And the Lord will bless us for that!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now! I have three Family Home Evenings tonight, so it should be fun! I love you guys! Talk to you soon! Love you, though, sooo, soooo much!

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