Monday, June 7, 2010

"It's pretty shanazy!"

Heeyyyyy, family!

Thank you for all the beloved updates! Yea yea yea! One year! I do have to start thinkin’ out what I wanna do after my mission now . . . Well, that’s what a former Mission President told me. He now works as an office authority for Central America or something. But I have no idea what I’m gonna wanna do . . . LOL . . . It will all work out . . .

To celebrate my one year . . . I . . . Drum roll . . . Did nothing! LOL! I honestly did nothing! I didn’t even really think ‘bout it being my year mark! And burning ties is against the Mission rules . . . Bummer . . . I’d love to burn something.

LOL . . . I’m really glad that Dallas turned 29 and not 30! I really thought he was turning 30! And that’s way too old! Anyway . . . Happy Birthday, bra! And Happy Birthday to Aunt Kim and Kendall as well!

As for my birthday and the package, I haven’t received it yet, but I’ll be waiting on it with much anticipation, yo!

Thanks for all the Stacie updates! I don’t think I even knew that she was gonna go to the Philippines! Cool experience though, huh? Make sure you stay safe, sister! Love you!!!!

And . . . Sounds like Dylan had an exciting week! Last week of school, huh? When it’s this time of year next year, I’ll be home watching him graduate! And, yea . . . Please get me that recording of Dylan! I really wanna hear all of his solos from this year . . .

As for Marie Fisher . . . Wow! LOL! I can’t believe she’s getting’ married! LOL! My 7th grade love . . . Or 6th grade or something . . . I don’t remember . . . How weird, though! Well, Congrats, Marie! If you could tell her I said that, that would be great!

And, as for me with wet shoes, the sun dries ‘em up pretty fast so I’m all good! I have three pair and they will last me. I’m good on clothes, too. You guys don’t worry ‘bout me! Thank you, though!

Can you believe the World Cup starts this week??? I’m super excited! I’ve never been so into soccer, but this whole Central American emotion really has me goin! Go, USA!

Oh, and as for my knee . . . I had written to Dallas telling him that it was bad. Well, I talked to a better doctor and he said I shouldn’t worry ‘bout it at all right now. He said I can get it looked at after my Mission and it will all be good. But, yea . . . The goin’ to the doctor story isn’t fun . . . Here it is . . . President asked me to take a new Elder to the doctor on Tuesday. He entered the field with my Companion, Elder Martinez, but he was up in the mountains in Coban. He stepped on a rock and hurt his back. I guess he had major back problems before his Mission, too. Anyway, I had to go on Divisions for a day with Elder Monge to translate for him at the doctor ‘cause the doctor only speaks English. The doctor was pretty mad ‘cause Elder Monge hadn’t written about his back problems on his Missionary Application, but President Clark (the Area President) came in and said he didn’t care that Elder Monge hadn’t written anything on his application. He said that he loves missionaries who just wanna serve and that we could use more missionaries like him! So . . . That was pretty cool! LOL! It pretty much shut up the doctor! Anyway, it wasn’t fun to translate, though, ‘cause the doctor was mean and said that Monge was gonna have to go home. Translating that was not fun . . . He was pretty sad . . . He was such a cool Elder. He was going to be an Assistant for sure. He was already a great teacher and he had only been in the mission field for a few weeks! He grabbed attention sooooo easily! He was the Second Counselor in his Ward before he came on his mission, too. He was sooooo cool. It would have been fun to have him as a Companion . . . I could have learned a lot, a lot from him. Poor kid could hardly walk, though. So, I had just one day with him and then I was back to normal with Elder Martinez!

Elder Martinez is doing well and he’s really growing soo, soo much! I’ve never seen a missionary grow so fast! He came into the mission field not talking or teaching at all, at all, and now he can do it comfortably! It’s pretty shanazy!

My area currently has three baptismal dates. They are all doing well, but none of them came to Church this week . . . So that will move their dates back a li’l bit. Omar and Mirna look great, but Manuel has a problem. His problem is that his job is being a priest. And his wife attends his church and doesn’t want him to be baptized into this “Mormon” church. So, it’s a toughy ‘cause he doesn’t want problems in his marriage. So, we are just gonna try to talk to her a li’l more. Well, a lot more really . . .

This week was goin’ really, really well ‘til I got a li’l sick. We didn’t go to Church yesterday ‘cause I had a fever along with some other things. But, the young men in the Ward came by and brought the Sacrament to me and my Companion which was really, really cool. Other members also came by to check up on me. Zusi and Fielding also brought me medicine and all, so I had lots of support . . .

I will put together the next date to have investigators in Church again, too, Dad! I’ll report more on it next week! Thanks for all of your help!

Well, I’m gonna get outta here! Lemme know if you have questions! I sure love you soo, soo much!

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