Monday, January 11, 2010

"The Lord blesses those that make sacrifices for Him"

Hey, pops!

Thanks for the e-mail you recently sent me!

I’m not too worried about where I’m gonna serve, even though it’d be cool to go to Peten or Coban, because I know it’s all about the President’s revelation.

Anyway, though . . . I’m gonna try to answer your questions! I’m doin’ great ! I feel like I’m really growin’. I’m not just a youngin’ anymore! I know what I’m doin’ so I’m able to be a better leader. It’s your fault that I love leading . . . haha . . . You made me do it!

I was a li’l sick this week and we didn’t work on Wednesday after the District Meeting ‘cause I was hurtin’ so bad. It was a huuuuuuuuge headache and throat hurtin’ and nose runnin’ and body dwellin’ . . . LOL . . . All that fun stuff! But, the next I was waaaaaay better and we went out to work like normal. My Companion is doin’ pretty well as well. He has also been sick . . . Besides that, we are getting along better and better and I can really see improvements in him since the time we started together. So, I’m leavin’ people better than I found ‘em, I think! He reads his scriptures a lot more and the work we are doing is great!

We had one baptism this Saturday and next Saturday (the 16th), we have three more baptisms! So we are feelin’ good right now! It’s been a while working with some of them. The Ward is getting’ better and better. We had one member return from his Mission about a month ago and he’s really working hard to try to fix things. He’s doin’ a great job helpin’ us out. Other than him, the member support is aaight . . . They support us but they don’t help us, ya know? It’s all good, I guess, but we really could use some more help.

Our Mission Leader hasn’t done anything since he was called about a month ago. We went to visit him a few days ago and he was drunk . . . yea, it was a new situation. He called me a gringo . . . Then he called me a clown . . . And then he called my Companion a clown and we left . . . LOL . . . It had to be a first! Then, on Sunday, he was in the Church acting normal and sayin’ he wants to help . . . So, we’ll see if he comes through this week!

Right now, we are teaching about 25 lessons a week. We have taught as few as 22 and as many as 32ish in one week. We have the most or next to the most lessons in our Zone each week, so we are doin’ the thang! Right now, we have three baptismal dates set and then we have a lot, a lot of other investigators. We probably have 2 to 5 real possibilities for baptism in the near future. In Church yesterday, we had six investigators and one was a first-timer!

In Church, our baptism was confirmed and that was the most important! To be honest, I have not set another date for the “50 Investigator Challenge”. I will be doin’ it again in my next change, though! I really do believe I can do it! I, only I, can help myself with my unbelief . . .

The Priesthood power is probably the biggest part of my testimony. I really do know the things that you’re sayin’. I’ve seen so many miracles through my fingers. It’s really soo, soo cool!

I am so sorry, though, again, that you were so sick! It really has just been passed around so much! Not only in California, but here a bunch, too! Almost everyone has had it!

I really am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that you guys are being blessed! I, too, know that part of the blessings you receive are because of my service. I know that the Lord blesses those that make sacrifices for Him.

How did your Oakwood team do? And how is SJCC doin’ now? Is Spencer playin’ well? And how about Fox?

Thanks for everything, Dad! You know how much you mean to me. Well, I hope you know . . . I love you sooooo much, Dad. Thank you for all of your help in every aspect of my life. Love you!

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