Thursday, January 7, 2010

We had eleven lessons on New Year's Day!


Thank you for all of those updates, mother! I loved ‘em! Good to hear that everyone is doin’ well (besides bein’ sick)! I’m hopin’ Dylan gets to kiss a li’l on his triple date, LOL . . . Just kidding, just kidding. Did he yell, “That’s for my brother!” on his first rebound vs. Santa Clara? I sure hope so! It would make me feel good inside . . .

Congrats to you and Dad! 30 years! That’s amazing! Sorry I’m not home to celebrate. We three could have done something really special together . . . LOL . . . But you two just go on and celebrate without me. Celebrate big, though, you two!

Well, let’s see if I can hit you guys up with some updates .. .

Question first . . . Is my picture that’s on my plaque in the Ward Building my picture in front of the Quatemala or Provo Temple? It better be in front of the Guatemala or I’ll be real mad, yo . . .

What were the best 2009 moments? For sports or for whatever? Maybe you guys have a li’l article on that . . .

There are two chapines (Guatemalans) in the Minor Leagues right now. Looks like they might come up this season, but Dallas will have to do research on them for me. Manuel Hernandez plays for Baltimore and Marlon Claveria plays for San Diego.

Well, we had three people who passed their Baptism Interviews this past Tuesday! We put all three of them down to be baptized on January 9th, but only one is going to be baptized that day and the other two are going to be baptized on January 16th because they have only come to Church twice and they didn’t attend yesterday. Bummer, but it’s all good! All three will be baptized and that’s the important thing!

We had our interview with the President this past Wednesday. He didn’t really talk with me much again, but he told me that the group that entered this Mission with me are the best group he has ever seen. Kinda cool, huh? I don’t know if that means much for me individually, but it’s still cool! Who knows what will happen this next change. I talked to my Zone Leader, Elder Castro, today. He makes it sound like I won’t open an Area and probably won’t train, but maybe I’ll be a Senior Companion! So, who knows!?!? I’m all good with whatever happens though, yo.

In our interviews we had to memorize a scripture like we always do. This time, we were supposed to memorize a scripture about the Birth of Christ. So, I gave mine . . . Mosiah 3:9. Then, my Companion gave a Christmas Hymn . . . hahahahahahaha . . . We had to recite them to Hermana Torres and she was a li’l mad and very shocked . . . LOL . . . because my Companion had almost a year and they always ask for a scripture. Who knows what thoughts he was havin’ to choose to memorize and sing a hymn . . . LOL . . . Pretty funny. I joined him, though, and hummed the bass part so that he wasn’t alone . . . LOL. It was a nice li’l duet, though . . . Not gonna lie!

Thank you, Sister Dickson and Bishop Dickson and the Boomgaardens for your letters! I love hearin’ now everythin’ is goin’! So, thank you! And, thanks, Grandma! I did get the pictures you sent me and all that. I love hearin’ from you, Grandma, and with the pictures you sent me, I put some in the photo album . . . LOL . . . I had to take out one or two of Stacie’s modeling pictures . . . LOL . . . Sorry, sis! The other Elders would have talked too much ‘bout those pictures anyway, LOL. It’s better this way, hun . . .

Oh, yea . . . Happy New Year! LOL . . . We had eleven lessons that day! So that was good! Then, for the New Year’s celebration . . . Drum roll, please . . . I went to bed at 11pm! LOL and got up at 6:30am! I didn’t celebrate at all, but it was a great New Year! LOL!

How is Jacob? You guys gotta get in touch with him somehow for me! And how are Jav and Q and Chris and BC? I’m interested to know how they are doin’ and where they are. How are Q’s stats? And how are Jacob’s baseball stats?

Oh, I’m not sure when I’ll see ruins. It all depends on if or when I get sent out of the Capital . . .

Yes . . . Happy Seven Months to me!

My Spanish is really comin’ along though . . . I just wanna thank everyone for their prayers. You all know that I was very worried ‘bout that before my Mission, but it’s really comin’ along, so thank you!

Well, I’m out! Thanks for everything, everyone! Write me a DearElder when y’all got time! Love you billoons! Hee hee!

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