Monday, January 11, 2010

"I'm a Disciple of Christ and I tell the truth!"

LOL . . . Howdy Cowboy! That’s a good reminder from home right there! LOL . . .

I’m glad you like all the videos and pictures. I take them all and record and all just for you guys! So, you better love it! LOL . . . Yes, mother, we did make that tool to pick the tangerines! To answer your question, I don’t wear my glasses much ‘cause I don’t like sweatin’ on my nose and I don’t wear my contact much ‘cause it’s so dirty here. I just put my glasses on when we get into the house or I can’t read . . . LOL . . . You know!

That girl, Aaliyah, is getting’ sooo big and smart already! If it’s crazy for you, you already know it’s crazier for me . . . hahaha! But it’s all good I guess! Talkin’ to her on Christmas helped me so much with missin’ her too much . . . I dunno know why. I still miss her like crazy but not to where I wanna cry all the time for her now. It’s a good thing!

It’s good to hear that Gilroy is playing so well! That’s awesome! Alisal and Salinas are supposed to be two of the best teams in the league, aren’t they? How’s Dylan playin? Is he playin? He better be!

Okay . . . My turn!

Bullet points . . . Yes, Tom . . . Bullet points . . .

Last Monday, we had a Zone Activity playin’ dodge ball. And, yes, of course I was the best again. I don’t wanna brag, but I’m a disciple of Christ and I tell the truth! I was puttin’ everything into every throw! Pshhhhh! I blew out my arm for like three or four days . . . LOL . . . I was really, really sore all over!

I started shavin’ without my electric shaver this week. I start using shaving cream and all. I really like regular razors a lot, lot more. They don’t give me razor burn and I can shave much faster. The first time I shaved that way, though, I cut myself open pretty bad on the back of both sides of my jaw . . . LOL . . . I blame it on the horrible razor I used, though. With the ones that you have sent to me and with me, I don’t think I’ll have that problem again! I already shaved two times since that disaster without a problem . . . Thank you very much . . .

Oh, thank you Ward! For all of the letters that you guys sent in my Christmas package! They were awesome! I can’t begin to write to everyone who wrote to me, but thank you sooo, sooo much! Good to hear that the Ward is doin’ great!

Is my picture by the Guatemala Temple up on my plaque? It better be!

Has anyone had any luck reaching Jacob?

Oh, there is a member here that only works on cars . . . Yes . . . It’s his job . . . LOL . . . But he has an old-school BMW with a huge, beautiful airplane motor. I told him that I want it after my Mission and he said he will sell it to me. The engine here is like $1200 but he says I would pay nearly $500 in the States. I guess in the States, cars are cheaper, but to buy all the parts is way cheaper here. So, I was discussing it with him. He can send it home to me for about $500 by boat. I think that’s what I wanna do . . . Whatcha think? I know I gotta wait a while, but just keep the idea in the back of your head, please . . . LOL . . .

This week, I had lesson with an active person. He is Patriarch! It’s so weird ‘cause once you have that calling, you have it forever. But tell me, Dad, what happens at this point with him? He is soooo smart, though, so he feels like he has learned too much and now he feels like he has learned that these things can’t be true. Well, he’s wrong . . . LOL . . . All the books he reads were written but the Book of Mormon was written for revelation, so he loses! I was a li’l nervous to bear my testimony because he is such a smart and all that kind of guy, but I did! It was pretty awesome!

Well, that’s ‘bout all I got for ya right now! I love you guys sooo, sooo much! Hit me up with a DearElder! Love you all TOO much!

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