Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So, yea, I'm growin' up . . .

Thank you for all your updates! I’m gonna try to be fast today so I can write to Dad, too. He’s mad at me! LOL! Just kidding . . . But thank you for all the updates!

Okay . . . Now my week . . . My really, really fast week! Seriously! This week zoomed by!

Sorry for tellin’ you about my sickness. I got a guilt trip from my Companion after I told you. He said I shouldn’t tell you about stuff like that because it could only make you sad. I really felt well after just one day, though! It was really, really weird.

Dylan will like this . . . At home when I would grow random long chest hairs, I would just pull ‘em out. But, now, no one ever sees my chest so I haven’t bothered pullin’ any out . . . LOL . . . I got a li’l to work with now. Now on Dylan’s level yet, but a couple got tangled the other day in the shower. So, yea, I’m growin’ up . . .

I got a “dearelder” from Aunt Kim. She says she misses Jamie . . . LOL . . . Is he just not home much or did he move away? Did he end up goin’ to Gav? Is he playin’ there? Or what’s goin’ on with him?

This week I went on Divisions twice. On Tuesday, I was with Elder Escate in my Area. He is newer than me! LOL! That’s hard to do! I was worried ‘cause he’s kind of a different kid, but we had a fine time together! We worked hard and everything. I didn’t get many laughs out of the day, but it was aaight. Then, on Friday, I got to go on Divisions with Elder Legua again in his Area! It’s always sweet when I get to hang out with him, but Divisions with him is the best! We like working together ‘cause we like to work hard. Elder Legua and I are both waitin’ for the chance to be Senior Companions to show what we can really do! We are a good source of strength for each other and we keep each other goin’ sometimes.

Sorry, could you send me Taylor Rodrigues’ e-mail address again? I forgot to write it down and it would take a while to find it. I’m worried about my e-mail address, too. I don’t think just puttin’ the old e-mails in folders works. I think we gotta delete ‘em, ‘cause I’m getting messages that I don’t have enough space. Dang it! I erased the messages, though! Sorry! But, yea . . . Could you just delete whatever? I’m all good with you deleting whatever you’d like. Thank you for all your help!

This Saturday, a kid in my Ward will be attempting the “Gallon Challenge” . . . LOL . . . He really thinks he can drink a gallon of milk in less than an hour without throwing up or goin’ to the bathroom! Hahahahaha! It should be funny! I tried it at Zion’s Camp, so I already know it can’t be done . . .

And, I’m in Revelations right now! Almost done with the New Testament! I’m in Jacob again in the Book of Mormon. You know I love my readin’!

Well, I sure love you! I’m sorry this is short, but I’m gonna write to Dad, too, so you’ll have more! Thank you for everrrrrrrrything! Love you all!

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