Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"My brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man"

Heyyyyyy, yo!

I’m very, very happy that you got my letter! And I sent four more letters out today! All for various people, of course! But I did send you the memory card, so I REALLY, REALLY hope it gets to you guys!

Don’t worry, Mom . . . I will let you know what’s goin’ on here. But just know that I’m always safe and protected here.

The “gallon challenge” didn’t happen this past weekend because the kid went to a soccer tourney, but we have it re-scheduled for this Wednesday! Man, I hope I can afford the milk! LOL! I’ve bought a lot of crap, but I haven’t used much of my own money yet. I’m tryin’ to save it for after the Mission, but we will see if I’m able to do that!

How exciting about Dallas and everyone moving in with you! I’m really, really, really jealous that I don’t get to be there for that!

Dylan’s life . . . I’m glad he likes Zion’s Choir . . . LOL . . . It just wasn’t for me. That goin’ up there every “resting day” was just too much for me. Who takes him every Sunday? And baseball . . . Don’t let him do it, Mom! It sounds super, super fun at first and baseball is even my favorite sport, but a sport isn’t fun when you aren’t good at it and don’t play (except in practice)! And then practicing every day is horrible, too! LOL! Dylan, I love you to bits, bud, but don’t do it! It sucked for me to have to quit baseball, but it just wasn’t right. Do as ya please, bra . . . but just know that I think it’s a kinda bad idea . . .

Nnnoooooowwwwww . . . For this week’s updates!!!!!

I finished my Muddy Buddies . . . Sad . . .

I’m reading in Alma in the Book of Mormon. In Enos, I thought it was interesting . . . I think you could say that it’s thanks to Enos and not Moroni that we have the Book of Mormon! Well, at least a bit part of the reason . . . ‘Cause he asked for God to make a promise with him that their records would be preserved and God granted him that promise. Kinda interesting I thought!

In the Bible, I finished the New Testament . . . I don’t know if I already told you guys that. Now I’m just in Genesis. Here is something interesting! Abraham was circumcised when he was 99 years old! Wow! Talk about dedication to the Lord! And, Ishmael was circumcised when he was 13! Painful! Oh! And the other thing from the Bible that you need to do is this . . . Read Genesis, Chapter 27, Verse 11, and replace the first name with my name (Derek), replace the second name with your name (Cherie) and the third name with Dylan . . . Hahahahaha . . . You should love it! (Genesis 27:11 “And Jacob (Derek) said to Rebekah (Cherie) his mother, Behold Esau (Dylan) my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man”)

Dad, I love the “Hope” e-mail you sent me . . . The talk you gave . . . But you gotta know this . . . That’s the exact talk that you gave me as a starting place for my Missionary Farewell talk! Haha! It’s a very good talk though, Dad, so I give you your props again!

This week we had service . . . Pssshhhhh . . . Talk about tough stuff! We had to move a huge room of sewing stuff . . . The machines and tables and everrrrryyything. I didn’t know how heavy all that stuff really is! We had to move it all way down the street! So, it was a lot ofcarrying down the stairs and down the street to the other house. Man! My biceps were supppppper sore the next day, but they gave us free dinner! So, it was worth it! My arms are so small right now though, too! It’s tough for me to find time to exercise every part of my body every day!

This week, we were talkin’ with our drunk friends again and I had printed out pictures of all of us together. They really, really wanted a copy of the picture the minute after we took it! So, I gave them the couple pictures and I’ve never seen them sooooo happy! They’re always happy, unless they’re passed out! But they were super, super, duper happy. And then they started crying to us how we are the only good friends they have. It really is sad that they can’t break their drinkin’ habit. They are good guys . . . Just a li’l lacking in the decision making department . . . But they always have cut up faces ‘cause people go by and kick them when they are drunk or passed out. People steal their shoes from them when they’re passed out. They get their backpacks and phones and jackets and whatever else they might have taken from them. It’s really, really sad. When we found one of our drunk friends the other day, he had had his shoes stolen, but he found little tiny sandals to wear . . . Like seven sizes too small without socks . . . His feet and his whole body are sooo dirty! It’s so sad that my Companion and I can’t do more to help . . .

Rosa Maria and her family (Rosa was one of our baptisms) were a li’l mad at us this week ‘cause we went there twice and only taught them how pray again and again and again . . . They need to know how to pray, though! And they need to know the importance of why we pray like we do!

When I was on Divisions like two weeks ago with Elder Escate, we knocked on a door and the lady was really cool but didn’t let us in. Well, this week, I felt like we should just knock on their door again to see how they really are. A guy answered the door this time and told us to come in right, right away. It was his wife that we had talked to before. But, it turns out he’s talked to Missionaries a bunch but doesn’t know if he can believe in the Book of Mormon ‘cause of historical facts. Of course, nothin’ historical proves the Book of Mormon wrong, but he knows his stuff. He brought out a map and was doin’ a timeline with the Maya and all the people that have lived in Central America and the people that lived in Jerusalem and all that. Well, I got to take out my back up map of the Book of Mormon and explained that to him (like the map that I sent to you guys). Then, he and my Companion were goin’ back and forth with examples and stuff and their own knowledge of the Bible. We had talked for more than two hours and he hadn’t progressed at all, of course, ‘cause all they were doin’ was, basically, tryin’ to prove each other wrong! So, I brought the house down to end it. I just interrupted him and told him that they only important thing and the only way we can know if the Book of Mormon is true is through prayer and gaining a testimony that way. Then I bore my testimony, of course. It was the first moment in the whole lesson, though, that we could feel the Spirit! So, it was really cool. I feel like he will receive an answer that it’s true if he really asks with a sincere heart to God, though. He knows a lot of stuff and God can help him know that the Church is true. I think this guy (David) is far away from baptism . . .

I’ve been talkin’ in the voice recorder so there are some things that I haven’t written that you will hear when you receive the tape at some point!

That’s about all of my updates for now, though! Let me know if you have questions . . . But I don’t have much more time so I’m outta here, ya’ll!

I love you billions upon “invinites”!

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