Monday, August 31, 2009

First Zone Conference in Guatemala!


Okay . . . So I will get to all your questions, but I’m gonna give my few updates and ask my few questions too real quick, if ya don’t mind . . . Oh, you don’t? Thanks! Here I go!

Last P-Day, we found a bum cheap ice cream place, so you know we’ll get ice cream again today! And, today for our Zone P-Day activity, we played dogdgeball. The people in the Zone elected me to the All-Star Team, so we played 5 vs. 20 and we lost. I was the last one standing and took out a few guys by myself and caught a guy in, too, but we still lost. Anyway, now my elbow is killlllin me! Oh, well!

I did quite a great job hittin’ up the pacas these P-Days, too! I got a pair of plaid dress pants for 1 quet which is, ummm, 12 cents! They’re sweeeeet! Hahahaha! I was lovin’ it! Then I bought dress shoes for 10 quets ‘cause I feel like I’m gonna need a third pair of shoes. The shoes I wear every day, one of the pairs of Timberlands, might be wearin’ out, but we will have to wait and see how they hold up! Then today I bought LRG jeans for 10 quets! Hahahah! Shoppin’ in pacas is just all luck . . . You gotta go treasure huntin’ through all their garbage to find the hidden gems.

So, as you guys know, I think, I finished the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price last week! So, now I’m in the Bible. I’m still readin’ in English so I can learn more. In just four days, I’ve already read half way through Luke! I feel like I’m good and on pace again.

This week we taught a new family and . . . wow . . . they just wanted to teach us! They were yellin’ at us and callin’ us sons of the devil and stuff! Hahaha! The old lady swears she knows the Bible from front to back but, ummmm, she’s never been able to read . . . LOL . . . They didn’t wanna listen at all. Needless to say, we don’t have a follow up appointment with them.

How is GHS Football? Is James playin’? How are Nick and everyone on the team this year? Maybe Dylan can talk to James ‘bout that question . . . or who ever know the most ‘bout it can answer the question.

Can Stacie get Taylor Rodriguez e-mail address for me from Carly or something? Por favor . . .

Did school start for Dylan already now?

Now I’ll try to answer your questions . . .

First, nice picture and stories of Aaliyah . . . Haha . . . Thanks! You know I need those! I actually had a dream that I was playin’ around with her the other night. It was awesome! Then when I woke up to our alarm, I was kinda sad . . .

Oh, and I don’t need a jump rope. I hope I didn’t say I need one . . . Haha! ‘Cause I don’t, but thank you!

Remember that when you send a package, put a bunch of Jesus stickers and stuff on it. That’s the trick to it actually getting to me, I believe . . .

We don’t really have anyone else progressing very fast right now, but we had eight investigators in church this past Sunday (yesterday)! And, yes, Luis and Teresa are getting’ married on Saturday and then we are baptizing them before church on Sunday at 6am . . . Hahah! Should be fun! They are awesome, though.

Well, I’m off to go write back to Dad! Haha! Love you all!

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