Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm doin' excellent

Hey, hey, handsome man!

Excuse me while I try and answer all of your questions . . . Haha . . . In my number format of course . . .

1. I’m doin’ excellent. This week seemed a li’l slow, but it was good nonetheless.
2. My health is perfect. I’m still getting’ a lot of bug bites, but they aren’t holdin’ me back from anything as of now . . . Haha . . . And the cockroaches don’t hurt anyone, so I’m good!
3. I’m doin’ great with eating . . . I’m getting’ a li’l fat from all the bread we eat! And chocolate is cheap so you know I struggle there, too . . .
4. Okay . . . So, our Ward . . . It’s about 300 members, I believe. On average, there are about 70 people in Sacrament Meeting every week. It’s pretty bad. If missionaries weren’t here, the Ward would be a disaster. There aren’t very many solid members, so it’s tough to bring people back. We just don’t have time in the day to find everrrrrrryone. We just need a li’l help.
5. The Bishop is awesome . . . He’s 29 or something and he’s a really good helper and what not. We love him for sure.
6. We have a Mission Leader, too. He tries really hard so we like him. We’ll take whatever hard working members we can get!
7. I haven’t given a talk in Church yet. I have not yet even been asked to speak, so no update in that category. Sorry!
8. We tract a good amount, but not a lot lately. We have had a lot of lessons to teach, which is awesome! That’s why we tract, is to get lessons . . . Hahaha! So, we are doin’ good!
9. We have one other girl with a baptism date of September 26th. We have to wait on her because she was born in Mexico, so she needs her papers.

Thank you for all your sport updates! I try to follow baseball standings in the Prensa Libre but it just doesn’t suffice . . . Haha! So, thank you! And thanks for all your testimony and gospel info! I can always use that! Well, I hope you get this e-mail before four days has passed, like last time! I sure love you, though! And thanks for everything, Dad!

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