Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"It's always a good day here"

Hey, yo fam!

It’s been 2 weeks so hopefully I have a lot of good fun things to tell you! But I guess you can be the judges! I’ll try to go in order of what happened the last 2 weeks so bear with me . . .

Our CCM experience ended with going to Las Colinas again. All the white people, well all the white men, played football. So it was our li’l District vs the 2 other districts . . . Three teams of 5 or 6 or something. We did okay . . . We won just as much as anyone. No one had a real advantage . . . LOL! I held my own against the BYU rugby player. He’s super small and quick but I just kept him in front of my like basketball ‘cause it was two hand touch and I was fine. Oh! Crazy ‘bout him though! Dallas – You’ll remember the BYU and Cal Rugby game. Remember the huge drive BYU had at the end, going away from us? Remember the perfect kick pass over toward the far right corner? And the catch by the li’l white guy – Number 14? Then he made a sweet cut back and almost scored? Well . . . That’s the guy I was guarding! How sweet is that?????

It’s really funny . . . I never knew why the Latinos called people that had a crush on someone a snake . . . But now I know! The girls here in Central America hiss slash whistle three times when they see a good looking guy or something . . . Haha . . . Just to get their attention. It’s super funny. Since we are gringos, we get those hisses a lot.

Okay . . . So now I am in . . . I’m sorry to tell you mom. . . I’m in Zone 18. That means I’m in the most dangerous zone in all of Latin America! How sweet is that???? You know I wouldn’t want anything different. When my companion picked me up from Guatemala City, like none of the taxis would even take us to our city! Our city is La Maya. I guess like 5 or 10 minutes away is the most dangerous city in Central America. La Maya is actually pretty chill though. It’s actually the smallest area in the entire mission so I’m gettin’ to know it pretty well. Our home is really kinda nice. I mean, by American standards , it sucks; But for here it’s nice. We live in a two-story place. Upstairs is our room and bathroom and study area and even a li’l kitchen. Downstairs is just a dinner table. But it’s almost like a hotel in the sense that a door separates our neighbor and us. Our neighbor, though, is a member of the church and she is our cook. She has a daughter who is like 24 and I believe she asked Stacie to be her friend on Facebook . . . Haha. But yea, the food is okay . . . The cook takes good care of us for sure. She cooks every meal and cleans everything for us. She’s pretty legitttt.

Some stories . . . About two days ago, we were two minutes away from seeing a guy get shot and killed! We got to where it happened just barely late. When we got there, people were all surrounding the intersection. It happened in the really, only really, busy intersection in the city. We got there and asked what happened so they told us. And right in the street was a hugggge puddle of blood! I thought it was juice or something . . . Honest. But yea . . . He got shot in the head and died. I dunno if they caught the bad guy. Three people were killed that day. Crazy, huh? Nothin’ bad happened any other days, though. Oh! But last night a guy punched a girl in the face! I guess we were a minute late from seeing that too! She was just cussing and yelling and smackin’ her legs and stuff. It was crazy! I’m glad I didn’t see it happen or that guy woulda been done for! She already had a black eye and crap.

I showed my family pictures to the cook, her daughter and some friends last night. They were very nice about you, Mom! They honestly didn’t believe that you were my mom. Once they believed me, they just thought you were super young. Sorry, I told them you aren’t very young. LOL . . . But they think that you are very, very pretty . . . As do I, of course . . . And Dad, you must be a lucky man, huh? As if we didn’t all know how lucky we are to have Mom already . . .

I’m almost done with the Book of Mormon. I haven’t really had time to read since I’ve been out here, but I’m almost done with Mormon if I remember correctly. Gosh . . . It’s an amazing book!

Best story last . . . My Comp’s birthday was on Saturday, so in the morning we bought some ties. They were five for 19 quets, which is less than fifty cents a piece in American currency. They have pacas here with old clothes and you can find cool stuff sometimes. At 6:00, though, was my first baptism! His name is Carlos and he’s 14. Ahhhhhhhh! It was amazing, mom and family! My Comp did the baptism but geeeeez. When we were taking the pictures before the baptism, I almost started crying. I wish I had realized how huge baptism is when I baptized Allie. I mean I’m glad I know now, though! It was an amazing feeling, though. Just to know what you are doing for someone. There’s really nothing more rewarding, not just saying that. It was really that cool. And then that night, Carlos’ parents, who we have been teaching, also committed to be baptized on the 5th of September! Their problem is that they aren’t married; But they (Luis, 27 and Teresa, 36) have committed to getting married and baptized on the 5th, which is the Dad’s birthday, too! How cool would that day be? They are both super close to done smoking too. They are such an awesome family. We visit ‘em like every day . . . They better not fall through on us. And I don’t think they will. Oh! And then we had pizza for dinner . . . Haha. Bomb day, yo!

Today is P-Day obviously . . . So we went and ate at some bigger place with Luis, the Dad. It was super good!

Oh, and my Comp is a cool dude. A great guy to start with. He’s a gringo from a town near Denver . . . Broomfield. Maybe Tom knows that place. But, yea, he’s been out ten and a half months. We get a lot of work done every day and it’s always a good day here.

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