Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Companion - Elder Judd Ireland

I’m not sure how I like Luke’s eyes! I hardly know a boy like that! How do you feel? And Aunt Skye?

Okay . . . So my updates now . . .

1. What were my grades like? You never told me! C’mon!

2. Dylan, did you take that whole middle shelf of shoes I told you you could have? I’m sure you did . . . Just wondering . . . LOL . . .

3. I saw the blog . . . I’m likin’ it, haha . . . Good job. And thanks for all the editing, too. Taking out secret things I say and redoing my grammar. LOL . . . I know I stink at spelling, so thanks . . .

4. Oh, Ashley! Remember when I was gonna go out to Utah and I gave you a list of the food I wanted and I spelled bacon like “beacon” or something? LOL . . . Well I was at the house of an investigator and she had it translated on a piece of paper but she had it spelled “beicun” . . . LOL . . . I was laughing so hard!

5. Did dad decided to do anything with the job offer at that li’l school? You never answered that question either! Geeeeez!

6. Another really funny thing here . . . You know in Nacho Libre how he says, “They were e-stinky”? Well it’s really funny here because in Spanish there is basically always an “e” before a word that starts with an “s” so when we practice English and they need to say a word in English that starts with an “s”, they sound like Nacho Libre. I love it!

7. So somethin’ really fun here is the Law of Chastity. There are a lot of teenagers and sometimes older people that like to make out on the streets . . . Soooo . . . My comp and I always have Law of Chastity pamphlets ready to give out to them . . . LOL . . . It’s the best. We normally say, “Excuse me” to break them up from making out and then give them a lesson on the Law of Chastity right then. They get sooooo embarrassed . . . . I love it! I am ready to lose it every time we do it! I just wanna bust up laughing!

8. Oh, I know Stacie is friends with our cook’s Mom . . . By the way, the cook’s name is Hermana Esperanza (Sister Hope) and her daughter’s name is Evelin (or however you spell it). She’s great and she even taught with us yesterday!

9. Nothin’ real new on investigators unfortunately . . .

10. One guy we take with us on a lot of lessons is the Patriarch here and he is awesome! He is 75, a super li’l guy (like 5 feet 4 inches and maybe weighs like 129), but he lays down the law in our lessons! He’s crazy!

11. So, two nights ago, we were walkin’ home and bought some candy and a drunk guy got run over by a motorcycle right in front of us! It was crazy! The motorcycle driver never looked back! LOL! Just a nice li’l “hit and run”! Anyway, the dude that got hit messsssssssssed up his knee like crazy! His knee was bent wayyyyyy outta place! And he was soo drunk he was asking my Companion and me to help him up so he could walk home. He said he was only like a few streets away . . . LOL. Drunk people are crazy and there are billions of them here. I’m making an album of pictures of people passed out. Back to the story, though . . . The ambulance finally got there and cut open his pant leg. Oooooo hooo hoooo hooo. His leg was so messed up! From his knee down, his leg was just attached by skin really. All the bone and everything was like poppin’ out right above his knee and he was, obviously, bleedin’ like crazy! And I didn’t even get the butt tinglies . . . LOL! It was crazy, though!

12. Oh! And I got in trouble last night because my Companion looked at my blog and I had never told you his name. It is Elder Judd Ireland. Did Tom know the place where he is from? And how far away did he live from there? What High School did Tom go to again?

Anyway, I love you all! Lemme know whatcha wanna know! I’m here for ya! I love and miss you all a billion!

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