Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My last day with beloved Elder Chesley

Sooooo . . . I’m sorry! Yesterday was very crazy! I’ll explain it all . . . LOL . . .

Comments first . . . Could you guys let me know which shoes of mine you are thinkin’ ‘bout selling? I just wanna make sure you sell all the ones I don’t want and none of the ones I do want!

Tell Dylaln to write to me about his Patriarchial Blessing (a few of his thoughts on it and all) and also about Senior Dinner/Dance and basketball and all that . . . Thanks!

Anyway, yes . . . Change week . . . Today is my last day with beloved Elder Chesley. I’ve been with him for over four months! I’ve never been with a companion that long and I kinda doubt I’ll ever be with a companion for that long ever again. I’m proud of us because we are soooo different and we didn’t really “click” at first, but we for sure figured it out. Good, good guy. So, tonight is his last night in the house. I’ll get my new companion tomorrow around 9:15ish and then I will bring him back here to my area. LOL . . . I’ve still never left the Capital. LOL . . . I’m still the oldest missionary in the Mission not to have left the Capital. LOL . . . Everyone tells me to tell President that I wanna leave, but I just refuse, knowing that he knows where I need to be and when I need to be there. The mission isn’t my time to have fun. I just gotta work and do what the Lord wants me to do. Soooo . . . I’ll be hittin’ six months in this area by the end of this next change that starts tomorrow, just like I did in my last area. Good stuff . . .

Let’s see here . . . Well . . . Stake Conference went very, very well. Of course it wasn’t exactly what we wanted, buuuuuutt . . . It was good. I go soooo mad on Sunday morning because we were supposed to go out on divisions with two members in the Ward to go get investigators at 7:30am. Well, one of them didn’t show up soooooo . . . What we had planned for getting investigators (over an hour) turned into just fifteen minutes! Ahhhhh!!!!!!! I was soooooo mad! I’ve never been that mad while I’ve been on my mission. It’s ‘cause we spent four weeks preparing for this and then to have someone let you down on something sooooo important . . . Ahhhh! It killed me inside! Anyway, we had two li’l busses prepared to take investigators to the Stake Center so they wouldn’t have to figure out rides, but not many could come . . . It was a bummer. We had planned for thirty and we only had eight!!!!!!!!!!!! The good and bad thing is that we had many more investigators than any other area. The cool thing is that one of those eight people is the mom of a return missionary. The mom never wanted anything to do with the Church but her daughter, the return missionary, helped get us in. We have taught this lady for two months and she has progressed slowly, but she sure has progressed! She came to the church for the first time ever and loved it! Future member!

Elder Falabella gave a great, great talk on not talking bad about others. I loved it, loved it. Soooo . . . The Stake Conference wasn’t all we had hoped for (as we had over forty-five people invited and at least twenty something confirmed to come), but we gotta take the positives out of it. It was a very positive Conference and a great place to start building.

Oooooh! Really cool thing, too . . . One of our converts, Audiel, is suuuuuch a good guy. He leaves and does divisions with us and gives us references and all that. Anyway, Elder Falabella saw him and just kept doing “double takes” and lookin’ at him. Then, Saturday after Conference, Elder Falabella talked to him and told him he had huge potential and told him how valiant he is for getting baptized without his family. Then Elder Falabella told Audiel that he was going to get to share his testimony in Stake Conference!!!!!!!!!! LOL! He did a great job sharing his testimony on Sunday. It was really, really cool to think that a General Authority would think so highly of one of our converts. Pretty special . . .

Sooooo . . . Yesterday was a fun day . . . LOL . . . We got up early and got over to Euro Plaza for Elder Chesley’s last interview at 8:30am. We were there until around 2pm or something crazy. Anyway, then we got to go to Central Market, soooo . . . We were there forever because it’s always off limits, but President gave special permission for us to go because my companion is going home. Soooo . . . I bought a lot of stuff! LOL . . . Mostly for all of you! I feel good, though, ‘cause it was cheap! LOL! The only bad thing is that I can’t send Dad’s gift home because it’s too big. I took a picture of it, though. I’m holding it on my lap. It’s the last picture on the 2mb memory card, soooo . . . Don’t trip, Dad! You have a present, just not for Christmas! LOL . . .
Anyway, by the time we got back to our area, we needed to get to work, soooo it left no internet time. Then, we would have written earlier, buuuuut we got to go to the Temple! LOL! Also because my companion is going home. LOL . . . President Torres really likes Elder Chesley so he is giving us many privileges . . . LOL . . . Elder Martino (Second Counselor in the Area Presidency) was in our session. I got to talk to him for a li’l while we were waiting to go in which was neato. So, we just got back into our area and here we are!

Well . . . I don’t have my agenda, so I dunno if I’m forgettin’ any stories, but it seems like I’ve just about covered it all! I love you all sooo, sooo much! Take it easy!

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