Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Every day is a party for us"

Hey, family!

Thanks for all the updates as always! I dunno what I’d do if all of a sudden I didn’t receive a loving e-mail from you all. Well . . . At least I know I wouldn’t throw a fit anymore like I did that one time Dallas didn’t write me! LOL! Sounds like most of the excitement is soon to come, though, in this next week! Keep me posted!

As for me . . . I’ll hit y’all with the questions first . . .

How is Erik Rush doin’ so far this year? Still at Montana State? And Orlando? What are his stats like? And Lorenzo? What’s he doin’ for school?

LOL . . . My companion is from St. George soooooo . . . he says I should look at going to Dixie State. LOL . . . He says it’s easy to play there at least. LOL . . . What are they like? Could I study Physical Therapy there? Maybe a year or two at Gavilan and then get a scholarship to that li’l Division 2? Who knows? Oh! And you never told me why you were thinkin’ that maybe I shouldn’t red shirt . . . Hit me up!

Well . . . As for my companion and me, all is goin’ very, very well. Every day is a party for us and this is change is going to fly by just waaaaaaay too fast . . . We are working double areas right now because they took the sister missionaries out of our zone. It sounds like they took them out for protection reasons . . . The APs just called us and told us that we had to help the sisters move out of their home before 4pm on the same day and we said okay! LOL . . . So now we are teaching their investigators and trying to help ‘em keep progressing. We don’t go into that area much ‘cause we don’t really know it very well but we try to go there a couple times in the week at least. Another fun challenge . . .

Last week I forgot to tell you the names of all the missionaries in our Zone. . . So, here we go! Elder Jensen (17 months) and Elder Peterson (13 months) in Sion; Elder Hale (12 months) and Elder Chavarria (4 months) in Molino; It was Hermana Varela (15 months) and Hermana Indicott (8 months) in Cipresales; Elder Vindel (13 months) and Elder Kjar (5 months) in Durazno; Elder Carlsen (12 months) and Elder Vargas (20 months) in Jocotales; Elder Williams (17 months) and Elder Spilker (3 months) in Santa Luisa; Elder Morrow (10 months) and Elder Winkle (10 months) in Molino; and Elder Gallo (10 months) and Elder Hale (8 months) also in Molino. It’s weird ‘cause I’m always one of the oldest now . . . LOL . . . Our zone is doing alright . . . We just aren’t working as effectively as we could . . . We will find a way to get better!

My companion and I have two cool stories of investigators this week . . .

Karina is a 16-year old who has just “wowed” me. She has gone to church seven straight times!!!! Pilas! LOL . . . Anyway . . . She wants to be baptized but her mom really isn’t down with it so we are still just tryin’ . . . During our last appointment, she started crying when we were having her tell us what was going through her mind and what plans she wants to make. She just is sad ‘cause she can’t make the decision that she knows is right because she is younger than 18 and has to have her mom’s signature on her baptismal form. She has such a strong testimony of this gospel, though. It’s really cool. We set a baptismal date with her for the 18th of December. She obviously wants to complete it, but the goal is really that she can have her mom’s permission by that day. So, we will see how it goes! She’ll just need lots of prayers!

Mauricio is a 21-year old kid. He was an investigator here over eight months ago. He was baptized but never confirmed . . . LOL . . . So just imagine the kind of problems that were swirling around him. He was offended by the missionary after his baptism and then wouldn’t get confirmed. Sad. But, anyway . . . We found him this week and talked with him for a while. It was sooooo cool ‘cause as we were talking, he told us to hang on a second and went into his room to bring out his backpack. In his backpack, he had his Book of Mormon and a guide book for Seminary study. He said he had been wanting to return those items to the church for a long time but just didn’t have the support to do it. But he also said he had been studying alone all along while he hadn’t been going to church. That also “wowed” me. LOL . . . Anyways, he came to church this past Sunday and should be baptized again very soon! We shall see, though! Soooo cool getting to be an instrument in God’s hands, though. Gotta love it!

Anyway . . . This keyboard stinks. I’m doin’ sufferin’ so much with it. Lemme know if y’all need somethin’ from me! I love you all soooooooo much! Thanks for everything! Be safe and smart!

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