Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No Baptisms . . . NOT!

Hey, family!

Sorry I’m a day late! Yesterday we had to get to work early, so we had to hold off writing until today. But . . . Here I am! Sorry for the delay, though!

Geez, Louise! I can’t believe Jeff is already finishing his Mission! When he gets home, have him hit me up with an e-mail! I would like to hear how his Mission went . . . I’m already hitting seventeen months tomorrow! LOL . . . Why am I like an old missionary? I’m so new!

I will get my package to Euro Plaza then, my friend. Thank you again, Smith family!

Okay . . . Now for me . . . Well, I’ll start with the bad news first . . . The Moreno family didn’t get baptized . . .


LOL . . . They were all baptized! All four of them! Herlinda, the 35-year old Mom; Yuri, the 13-year old daughter; Juan, the 10-year old son; and Laybi, the 8-year old daughter! It was an amazing week and a week of many answered prayers. Let me tell you . . . It was not an easy week. We were stressin’ out big time ‘cause it looked like all four of the baptismal dates were gonna fall since the Mom wasn’t sure if she wanted to be baptized. Soooo . . . We sent members there on Monday and Tuesday to go visit and support her. Well, she wasn’t convinced in those first few days of the week. On Wednesday, though, we took the Second Counselor in the Bishopric and the Secretary to her home . . . Oooooo . . And we had suuuuuccchhhhh a powerful lesson! Herlinda was crying and then laughing and then crying and laughing again. The Spirit was super strong and she was focused in like she had never been in a lesson. Of course, at the end she said that she decided she was gonna go through with the baptismal day aaaannnddd . . . Well . . . She did! Saturday at 2pm, she and her three children were all baptized! Elias, the Second Counselor, baptized Herlinda. I baptized Yuri and my Companion baptized the li’l two. It was a very special day but the baptisms weren’t complete . . . Until Sunday! We went and picked up the Moreno family with the First Counselor in his taxi and we brought them to Church! They were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ and received the Holy Ghost. It was a very special day and I had the feeling in my heart throughout the week that there was a power of prayer that were receiving from my home in California. I really could feel it . . . I swear . . . I knew you were pryaing big time for them. Thank you sooo, sooo much, Mom, and everyone else that was joining in prayer for them. All of your prayers, along with the millions of mine, were answered. Surely God answers prayers of the righteous. It is a huge, huge blessing in our lives. I’ve realized that the Lord is the one that brings people to humility and baptism. I can’t do anything by myself. He does it all. And, if we rely on Him with all the faith that we have, He will, without a doubt, do the work.

Random notes . . . The picture of you guys at Disney on Ice is kida funny. I had never seen a picture of Kim with her braces before . . . LOL! What a cutie! She looks sooooo young! Lookin’ good though, don’t trip, home girl! And Dallas looks super skinny! Has he lost a lot of weight? Aaliyah . . . Cute as always. And, Mom . . . You’re just beautiful as always. Age can’t get to you, can it?
Oh, hey! I got the envelope you sent! Annnnnnd . . . I loved it, of course! LOL!

Thank you so much for everything! I loved every single part of it! Did you guys ever get the letters I sent home?

Well . . . I really don’t have much to say. Everything we did this week was focused on the Moreno family . . . LOL . . . It was a great week because of it, though! I sure love you all! Hit me up! Miss you millions!

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