Monday, September 20, 2010

The Rodas Family was sealed this week!

Heyyyyyy, fam!

I’m glad you guys liked my e-mail last week . . . LOL . . . It took forever! I ssssstink at typing! Sorry ‘bout being wrong on your age, Mom! You hit the fifty mark, though! Congrats! Don’t worry . . . You aren’t old . . .

I can’t wait to hear Dylan play the piano and guitar and sing . . . That kid is such a stud . . . Has he written me? If he hasn’t, yell at him and tell him to do so (along with James and Randy). And he’s a pilas leader already. That kid is waaaaaay better than I ever was. I sure miss that kid.

Sounds like you had a great time with Elder Golden, too! Don’t you just love listening to Church leaders? And Dad will be one of ‘em soon! I was thinking that you and Dad need to make lots of money so that Dad can be a Mission President! You guys would be a great Missionary President and wife!

Oh! And thank you soo, soo much for the money for the clothing items I need. Now the hard part is finding my size in everything. I’ll be able to for sure, though. Just gotta be supa diligent. Thank you much! The money is part of my Christmas present . . . Called it!

Soooo . . . I’ll hit cha with my questions first . . .

Thank you, Dad, for the DearElders and for explaining and answering my questions. Do you type all of those things? Or do you take them off a website? They’re really good. Thank you!

Oh! Think you could send me Pre-Season NBA rankings and all that good stuff soon? NBA starts in almost a month, so a bunch of articles must be comin’ out soon . . . No? Also, how ‘bout Carmello? Still any chance of him goin’ to the Clippers? Any news there? Also, could you send me DearElders on the Raider game recaps, too? Thank you!

Okay . . . Now my li’l stories . . .

We were able to put another baptismal date this week with a reference and then she came to Church! Holler!

These changes coming up in just ten days will be very sad because soooo many of my good friends are going home. Elders Barrientos, Empey, Petersen, Winn, Dunkley, Pierce and Karr (and Ireland was part of this group). It’s the first group that I know well and I’m so sad to see them go home . . .

My favorite members in this Ward were sealed this week! The Rodas family! I just love the Dad in that family! Soooo . . . That was very exciting!

Sooo . . . I gotta go in just a minute and I gotta write to Dallas! I love you all, though! Thanks for everything!

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