Tuesday, September 28, 2010

32 Bug Bites.....So Fun

Hey, hey, hey!

Thank you sooooo much for your e-mail! It was very refreshing today! Especially because we are having some drama in our Zone today . . . You know, the Monday writing just keeps my legs movin’ every week. And, yea, we find out tonight if we have changes or not.

Thank you for sending the money. I took it out last week and then realized it wasn’t all the money so I was a lllliiiillll worried but thank you! I bought the shoes already! They sure aren’t all broken in like my other ones that I wore every day for nine months . . . LOL . . . But I’m sure hoping that I can pull out nine more months on these Guatemalan shoes! We can hope and pray!

Very exciting about Tom and Ash and their new home! I’m sure they’re so, so happy. I can’t wait to go visit ‘em, especially ‘cause that’s where Elder Ireland is, too, so I can visit him after the mission!

Ohhhh, yes . . . I also am very, very excited for General Conference. You’ll have to let me know whatcha thought next time you write. And thank you so much for your kind words and the Aaliyah story. I love you sooo much, Mom!

Well . . . I don’t think I have a whole bunch to say . . . But I’ll try to share some stuff. It might be a taaaaad bit short, though. Sooo, we shall see . . .

Oh, first . . . Dad . . . What do you think about the Quran? Is there any way that it could be inspired and real scripture? I would like it if you could hit me up with some details on that please! Thank you!

Could you send me a Clippers schedule? Like the ones that we always kept on the refrigerator? Like the month-by-month calendars? Maybe you could send that as a real letter, though, not as a DearElder so that it comes out nice and pretty . . . Pllllleeeease! Thank you! And thanks for sending me the DearElder info . . . I look forward to receiving those.

Welllll . . . We gave service on Tuesday . . . LOL . . . It stunk . . . We went way down the side of a hill to go help a family clean up the land that was destroyed during the hurricane. We used machetes to clear the path to the house. We also shoveled all of the fallen dirt. Well, I got a couple new blisters aaaannnnddddd 32 bug bites . . . All below my waistline! Oooo . . . Soo fun! LOL . . . I figured out why I got all the bug bites, though . . . I broke open an ant home-farm-hill! Maaaaan . . . It was nooooott fun! I couldn’t sleep at all that night because of how bad it itched. I only slept for maybe three hours . . . LOL . . . It was terrible! I got it much more under control now, though. Thanks to the help of sleeping pills, anti-itch cream that my Companion let me use, and a couple extra showers here and there, I was able to get them much more under control. Sure . . . they still itch, but I can sleep just fine now. I slept like an angel last night for the first time in a long time. Berry nice, berry nice.

There is a member in our Ward who is a really, really good guy. I love him to death. He was a Counselor in the Stake Presidency. He’s a bigger guy, very smart and just holds himself really well. He’s just a great example and it seems like he’s a guy that would have a great job . . . Like he’d have everything amazingly under control with his family. And . . . It’s not like that for him. The guy has a horrible job, lives in one tiny li’l room with his wife, doesn’t have a good family life . . . The result is that in Church he has seemed very down. You can see it in his posture that things just aren’t well at home. Soooo . . . We went and visited him. He lives with all of his family but none of them get along with him ‘cause of his beliefs, so now he wants to leave the house. I dunno know why I really shared this story. I think it just kinda taught me, though, not to judge. But it’s not to judge in a different way . . . Not in a thinkin’ bad about someone way . . . Just actually judging someone thinking that they have everything under control. Everyone has some type of problem in some way or another and we have to be there to help. I dunno . . . I just thought it was a very interesting lesson that I learned.

Well . . . I’m gonna get outta here! I need to write to Tommy plus Trent wrote to me today! So . . . I’m gonna go read and write back! Thanks for everything, family! I love you all sooo, sooo much! Take care!

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