Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Angels for Guatemala

Okie dokie! How are you all????

I dunno why but today was just kind of an emotional day reading your letter. It almost got me in tears when you said that Dylan’s graduation was moved back a week!!!!! Ahhhh . . . I wanna be home sooooo bad for that! I should be able to for sure, I’m thinking . . . I gotta be honest with you guys. I’ve been thinking a lot ‘bout extending my mission, but now that extending my mission means I would miss the graduation, hahahaha, no way I’m extending! LOL! Great news!

Thank you for being so kind as to send me those Clippers things. I, to, am so excited for this year ! With Griffin, Aminu, Bledsoe and Foye al coming in, I’m thinking we could make a play-off run this year, buuuuut . . . We shall have to wait and see! LOL!

I loved your Aaliyah and Zander stories. Those babies are sooo, sooo special. I was thinking a lot this week about when Aaliyah was born. (I guess probably because her birthday is just around the corner.) I was remembering how much I anticipated her being born . . . Staying up all night, going back to the house and then driving back up to San Jose just a couple hours later. And then, when I held her for the first time wearing my black beanie, my A’s jacket and sweats . . . And just starting to cry because of how happy I was. Ahhhhh . . . She is so special to me. I remember last year Aaliyah’s birthday was the worst day of the year ‘cause I couldn’t get her outta my head. I sure miss her. And I sure hope I’m stronger mentally this year than last so that my day isn’t so crappy on her birthday! LOL! We shall see soon, though!

As for General Conference, of course I watched in English! I would never watch it in Spanish ever again! Listening to the real voices is sooooo special and having to listen to the talks through a translator just one time makes you realize how really blessed we are to speak the language of the restoration and the language of the true church on earth. As for me, I enjoyed many talks as well. I really loved the talks by President Eyring (he, of course, being my favorite of everyone) and President Monson. My boy, Elder Costa, also spoke which was really cool. I really liked President Uchtdorf’s talk on patience. Elder Christofferson and Elder Anderson also gave great talks this Conference. I thought Elder Scott’s talk was just full of great one liners. He gave an amazing talk. I also really, really loved President Packer’s (my second favorite) talk and Elder Ballard’s, too. In the Priesthood session, I looooooved the talks by Elder Uceda and Elder Kearon. I think those two might have been the best . . . Well, two of the best . . . LOL . . . I can’t say which was the best. Soooo . . . Yea . . . Those were my General Conference thoughts. I watched it at the Stake Center in a li’l room with just missionaries and a couple random members who speak English. I learned soooo much, though, and took some great notes. I can’t wait for the Liahona to come out so I can read the talks again ‘cause I can learn a lot by reading through and marking them.

As for changes, I did not have one. I am staying with Elder Chesley to kill him. I am really excited ‘cause I feel like Elder Chesley and I are really getting things down together. We are soooo, soooo different, but we have learned a lot from each other and I know that I have a lot more to learn from him in these last six weeks. I’m very excited to kill my third Companion. As for my Zone, Elders Davis, Ixcoy, Garcia (finished his mission), Housley, Godfrey and Mays all had changes. In place of them, Elders Vindel (we were in the same Zone almost eight months ago) Calero, Gallo, Hale and Winkle all came in. It’s still a very fun Zone, just very, very different of course. As for other notable changes, Elder Legua went back to Polochic and I was and am not too thrilled ‘bout that ‘cause I probably won’t see him for a while again now. Elder Larsen went up to Zone Leader! So, I’ll be able to see him for the first time in over a year ‘cause he’s been up on Polochic as well. Ummmm . . . That’s most of the notables . . .

Yesterday, my Companion and I received a great comment from a long time investigator from a different Ward. We always do service for her. She told us that we are angels for Guatemala because no matter where you go, you will always find two guardian angels watching over that area. She told us how thankful she is for all the service we do, for all the love we show and for all the selflessness. She said she feels like we are the ones who hold up the Church. They were just really, really nice compliments that made me feel good. I hope it makes you proud, Mom (smiley face).

I was able to go on divisions with Elder Lainez from Honduras this week. He has two months in the mission. He’s a super smart kid. He’s read the Bible thirteen times and has explained some great stuff to me. Buuuuut . . . He has a lot to learn. LOL . . . He’s doing what my favorite companion, Elder Maradiaga, always did. That is, he tries to prove things with the Bible. It makes people progress because of the knowledge they gain but, in the end, they won’t be baptized because they haven’t been taught with the Spirit and haven’t been truly converted. I was able to teach him some good stuff, though, about missionary work. It was a very fun day.

Well . . . I think that’s ‘bout all I’ve got right now! I sure miss you all, but I sure appreciate all the good news and all the joy you bring me! I can’t wait ‘til next week! Love you all soooo, soooo much. More than you know! Be safe and smart!

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