Monday, May 3, 2010

We could help make another eternal family!!!!!

Hello, family!

Thanks for all of the updates! I was very excited to hear about everyone! Thank you!

Ummmm . . . To be honest, I hadn’t made up my mind on how I was gonna handle this “calling on Mother’s Day” situation. I just decided right now, though, that I will be calling you at like 2:00pm (my Guatemala time). I think that should suffice for that info . . . (When I let Derek know that we have Church from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and asked if he could call either before or after that, he wrote, “Okay, then! Have it your way! You’re sooooo selfish! LOL . . . No . . . I’m just playin’ mother. I love you, Mom . . . LOL . . . Ummmm . . . Yea, I’ll call at like 6:00pm. Is that okay? Well, 6:00pm my time, that is . . .”)

I’m sorry I haven’t sent you any pictures lately . . . I will try to get them off to you . . .

I think my letter to you guys today is gonna be a li’l shorter than usual but don’t worry! I’ll talk to you on Sunday! Hollerrrrrrrrrrrr!

My chest hair is growin’ like Dylan’s! Kind cool, huh? Kinda . . .

Congrats to Stacie for the graduation! This is pretty dog on amazing! I never thought she was gonna make it! LOL . . . Just playin’, sis . . . Kinda . . . Sometimes . . . But congrats to you, Mom and Dad, too! All three of your big kids have graduated from College! Pretty cool stuff! Good job, Mom and Dad!

Well, I’ll try to hit y’all with my updates real quick . . . It was a pretty dog on good week, too!

We had Zone Conference this week. Aaaaannnnddddd . . . It was especially cool ‘cause President Falabella was the person who spoke basically the whole time! I love General Authorities! They explain everything sooooooo easily so that everyone understands and they even include all the “harder to explain” doctrine, too! It’s pretty dog on cool. So, yea . . . I got to meet him and all and take notes on his amazing talks.

Think you can send me my genealogy? All of a sudden, I have an interest in seeing that!

So, yea . . . The baptism on Wednesday went great! The Second Counselor in our Ward baptized her. The thing about Lucy is that she has gone to Church like an amazing member for over a year, but she was just married so that she could be baptized! It was pretty cool ‘cause when she shared her testimony, you could feel how much she had been waiting for the day of her baptism to come. The other cool part was that her husband came to the baptism and I finally got to meet him. Before this, he would never talk to me. The best part ‘bout him being there is that he must have felt the special spirit that is only brought during a baptism, because after the baptism he set an appointment with us for this Wednesday!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for what could happen with him! We could help make another eternal family!!!!!!!

Gloria was baptized this Saturday! I got to perform her baptism and it was also very special because of all she went through to get to that point. To get it all together with her and have her baptized was pretty dog on coooooolyyy wooooollyyy. It was also cool because her husband died over a year ago and he had been investigating the Church at the time of his death. I have no doubt that he is accepting the gospel in heaven and that, one day, they will be sealed as an eternal family.

On Sunday, both Lucy and Gloria were confirmed!

With Sunday being Fast and Testimony Meeting, Luis and Paolo (the children we baptized last month ago) got up and shared their testimonies. Both of them shared their conversion stories and about what they could feel in their hearts when they asked Heavenly Father if this is the true church. They were both so nervous to share their testimonies for the first time! They did amazing, though!!!!! And, it made me soooooooooooo, soooooooooooo proud. It was a really, really cool feeling.

One other notable testimony was given by a li’l 9-year old. Her dad was supposed to baptize Gloria but he fell into a drinking problem three days before the baptism. It was really, really sad because he couldn’t baptize Gloria but also very sad because he and his family were going to be sealed in the Temple as a family on May 29th. Now they have to wait a while longer. Sad, huh? His daughter went up and said, “I was sad because my dad drank but he said he repented and he will always stay in Church.” LOL . . . Needless to say, the dad was very embarrassed. LOL . . . I love little kids. It was a great li’l shot at her dad that he probably needed . . . Maybe . . . LOL . . . I don’t think he will be drinking again anytime soon . . .

Happy Birthday to Grandpa and Uncle Ed!

Well, that’s all for me! I sure love you all and can’t wait to talk to you! Holler!

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  1. He is "dog gone" adorable! Enjoyed his email. Thanks for posting it! :)