Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It has been an amazing change!

Oooooookay! Here I am again!

Well, as for plans for today . . . I’m kind just being a good sport and letting my companion take me where he wants to say good-bye to everyone ‘cause this is his last P-Day!!!!!!!!! Aghhhh! Weird! So, yea . . . This morning we went to this place in the middle of nowhere were Maradiaga started his mission and he said “bye” to everyone there. After we use the internet, we will probably go say good-bye to more people in some places where Maradiaga was before . . .

Elder Maradiaga’s last day of work is on Sunday . .. Then he will give his last testimony in Change Conference a week from today. Then he stays a day or two with the Assistants, I believe to do classes and activities. Then I think he is back in his house on Wednesday . . . Crazy, huh? I dunno for sure on anything, but I think that’s the way it works . . .

Good to hear that your talk went well yesterday. I was reading yesterday and I was thinking ‘bout you and your talk. I was lookin’ through my old notes on the topic of Charity. I realized that my favorite scripture on Charity is 1 Corinthians 13. Send me the talk you gave, Mom. If you took good notes . . .

You are a champ for many reasons, mother . . . And one of them is your sewing ability! LOL! And for doing all that sewing and, I’m sure, for free! I’m sure hoping the best for Dylan in his play. I’m sure he will do amazing. Wish him good luck for me, though! And tell him to hit me up on DearElder asap, yo!

I think your Lakers should handle the Suns pretty easily . . . But the Suns must be playing really, really well right now, so anything can happen! I still take you guys to be the Champs again this year, though. And yea . . The Celtics look real good, huh? That’ll be a fun series, I think.
I wrote Dad about how much better I’m eating . .. LOL . . . Ask him how I’m doing on that. Don’t stress on me, though . . . I’m doing better now!

We taught 33 lessons this past week which is pretty dog on good. I’m happy to say that people are really listening to us. It’s really been an amazing change, Mother. Every week has been good.

More questions? Comments? LOL . . . I’m sure a missionary . . .

Well, we only have four baptismal dates right now. Technically, we have six, but two can’t get married yet, so we don’t count them. We look forward to putting lots in this week and the week to come. Our area is still looking very strong. My companion really is leaving me a better than I was before he arrived. It has been an amazing change.

This week we got to go to the Temple. We always go really early in the morning so sometimes it’s hard to really learn. But, this week, I was very attentive in there and I feel like I really learned a lot. Well, I realized a lot of things . . . LOL . . . I have a lot of questions that I gotta study up on. Even if I study really hard, though, I’m sure I won’t find all or even many of the answers. It’s all good, though . . . LOL . . . When we got into the Celestial Room, I read my whole Patriarchial Blessing and I feel like I really took a lot from that opportunity as well. I learn something new every time I read it. It’s really, really cool. After I read the whole blessing and pondered on it for a while, I started saying one of those great Celestial Room prayers (just complete peace and clearness of mind). When I finished my prayer, I realized that I was the only person left in the Celestial Room!!!!!! Wow! How peaceful and calm! It was amazing.

Thanks for all the support and love! Oh! And have you sent a package to me or not yet? Just wondering . . . No rush or worries . . . Just curious . . .Thanks! Love you sooooooooo much!

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