Monday, April 26, 2010

The Trio is no more :-(

Heyyyyyyy, errrbody!

Thanks for answering my questions! I had like 90 pictures on my camera. I’m pretty sad ‘cause all the pictures I had with Elders Mortensen and Maradiaga are gone. Many others, too. Sad stuff. When you send my next package, would you send me more pictures of the fam and of friends and all the good stuff? Make sure my corn row pictures are included . . . LOL . . . And my picture with me and all my shoes in the hall . . . Thanks!

We have been working with Gloria (the runaway) more and it looks like she will be baptized this Saturday. I guess the problem is that she had some things she didn’t want to discuss in her interview. That’s okay as long as she has it all under control now. She will need another interview, though. We also have a baptism on Wednesday, so it should be a pretty good week!

I was ddddddiiiiiieeeeeeng about the Dylan texting story! LOL! That was so funny! Good li’l reminders of me . . . LOL . . . Is that a seminary, Stacie? No, Derek . . . It’s a cemetery. Oooppppssss! College intuition . . . Close enough . . . All that stuff . . . LOL . . .

I also enjoyed Dylan’s pictures! Thank you! He is quite a li’l charmer!

I’m missin’ the playoffs a lot. I’m excited for Dallas’ e-mail. Sorry ‘bout the Lakers though! I’m sure they’ll pull it off. The west is sooooo good, though!

Oh, Mom! I wanted to say that Zusi is missin’ you! She said you don’t write to her . . . LOL . . . I know both of you are busy. Just when ya want, though . . . She’s always wllin’ to write ya . . .

Well, I gotta be honest. Not a whole lot happened this week. The biggest story I have is that Elder Mortensen had an emergency change last Tuesday. It was pretty sad. We were havin’ so much fun in our trio. He got sent way up in the mountains in Coban. He got the change ‘cause one Elder got sent home because he was sick. So . . . Yea . . . That kind of messed up our nice li’l trio. Maradiaga and I still had a great week, though! We had like 35 lessons again and we set two more baptismal dates! We have nine again in our Area now!

I’m sooooo excited for Mother’s Day! I just sent a li’l package today, too. It contains my journal and some baby clothes from a paca for Dallas and Kim. The clothes were like 60 cents. They should like them even though they’re old. I also sent you a letter, Mom . . . it is in the front of the journal. You can only read it early on Mother’s Day, though! And, I had my “oldish” memory card with me to send to y’all, but I forgot to take it outta my pocket! I’m sorry! I’ll try to send it off next week . . .

Well . . . I sure miss you all. I can’t wait for this Wednesday ‘cause I didn’t get DearElders last week, which means double this week! LOL . . . Can’t wait to hear from you all! Keep it real! One love . . .

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