Monday, September 28, 2009

My Companion is all good now!

Okay! Now I’m ready to do this thang!

Thank you for answering all my questions! Now I come to respond to all of yours!

First, Good! I’m glad my letter inspired Dylan to read the scriptures! I gave him some really good verses to read so that he’d enjoy the holy books . . . LOL . . . Have you guys read the letter? Or does Dylan say it’s ooonnnlllyyy for him? Just wonderin’ . . . Haha . . .

LOL . . . I was so confused when you were talkin’ about frames! No, silly! I want all white frames for glasses in the Temple! I think that’d be sweet! Sorry! I wasn’t specific what type of frame before. I think you probably understand my question from last letter now . . .

All I’m gonna say is . . . I’m gonna have to talk to Dylan ‘bout this lady thing . . . Haha . . . How is she though, mother?

As far as pictures of my friends, there should be a file on the computer . . . The big home computer or the laptop, I’m not sure. But before I deleted my “myspace”, I saved all the pictures. I need a lot, though! So when you can, send ‘em my way! Haha!

And yes, please, on the music and voice recordings of people. I’m tryin’ to talk on the voice recorder more for you guys again.

Don’t worry, my Companion is all good now! Tires a li’l easy, but almost perfect again!

Good work with your missionary experience! Following in my footsteps, huh huh? Haha! It is a cool feeling when you can change someone for the better towards the Church though. Good work!

Now my questions . . .

I have Grandpa’s really nice, like $2000, Citizen watch here that I’ve been wearing every day and I’ve received advice from a few people that it really isn’t smart to wear that around all the time. So, I wanna take that advice and not wear it all the time but I need to have a clock. So, I have a question. When we were in Santa Cruz, we went to a store. It’s one that we go in every time we visit Santa Cruz. It has an upstairs, a boys side and a girls side, sells a bunch of shoes on the back wall. You know what store I’m talkin’ ‘bout? Well, when you first walk in, there is a big glass case of watches. (If you don’t know what store this is, I think Stacie would know). I saw a watch there that I liked a lot. It’s a Nixon watch and it came in all pink or all blue or all teal. So, it’s a nice watch but it doesn’t look expensive because of the colors. If you could search for this watch on eBay, that’d be great! And send me a link or a picture of it so I can see it on here and tell you if it’s the watch I want . . . Okay? Lemme know if you have questions on that . . .

Think you could ask Dylan to try to find Adam Betita on “myspace” or “facebook”? I wanna know if he is serving his Mission or what he’s up to . . .

That’s really all the questions I have for now. I don’t have many stories, but here I go!

I was talkin’ to my Companion a lot this week ‘cause he couldn’t work for most of the week. We were just in the house a lot. It really strengthens your testimony to hear stories from people around here, though. I talked a lot about our conversation on the tape recorder. But, yea, he came from a bad, bad background, so the fact that is here and doesn’t wanna leave the Mission strengthens my testimony. Today is actually his 22-month mark! Pretty cool, huh?

I bought a basketball! Ahhhh! It is great to finally touch a basketball again! Can I say again how sad I am that we can’t play here? Anyway, I started my wrist flips the night I got the basketball! Man, my wrist is weak from just not shooting for over two months! It’s really, really weird. I’ll get it back, though, and be money when I get home . . . Haha . . .

Oh, and give this scripture to Dylan! Acts 16:14 . . . Tell him to tell me when it reminds him of our trip to New York . . . LOL . . . It’s pretty funny . . . He should remember.

I’ve been reading a lot this last week with my Companion sick ad all. So, now I’m in 2nd Nephi again. I’m also reading in the New Testament. I believe I’m in 2nd Timothy. Man, Timothy drops the hammer on ladies. I think it was Chapter 2, verses 9 through 15. It might be Chapter 2, but there are only like four or five Chapters, so you guys can find it. Lemme know what you think . . . LOL . . .

I got to go attend the Baptism of Maria Jose on Saturday night! I set the Baptism date with her when I was in the Maya, so everyone says that counts as my Baptism, too! Pretty cool! Her Mom can’t get baptized yet with her situation with her husbandish boyfriend. Kinda sad, but still cool that she gave Maria permission to be baptized! I was pretty happy. I also got to see a lot of people from the Maya, so it was a fun night.

After last week when Rose Maria didn’t show up to be confirmed after her Baptism, we were a li’l worried, but we are all good now ‘cause she came yesterday and was confirmed!

Church was kinda cool yesterday ‘cause a member of the Area Seventy came and spoke in Sacrament Meeting. He did a really good job. After Church wasn’t cool. We had to go to Ward Counsel. Man . . . This Ward needs counsel . . . It was horrible and long and nothing was accomplished. LOL . . . Oh, well, I guess!

Well, sorry I don’t have a lot to say this week! We didn’t go out much! This week should be a lot better. Have any questions, fam bam???

I love you guys out the ying yang and miss you all!

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