Friday, September 11, 2009

I've been sleep talkin' in Spanish!

Que Pasa!

Well, your e-mail was nice and simple this week, haha, so I have lots of time which is good because I wrote a lot of stuff this week!

First, though, I haven’t received your package yet. I get mail on Wednesdays, though, so we will see if maybe I get it tomorrow. Now for my weekly story . . . Haha!

The wedding did take place on Saturday! It was scheduled for 5pm, but everyone runs late in Guatemala. The people gettin’ married were 15 minutes late and the lady that was doing the marriage was an hour late! Haha! Luis and Teresa weren’t too happy ‘bout it, though. They were both pretty upset, actually. And Teresa let the lady know what’s up! My Companion and I were the ring bearers, or whatever it’s called, though. So, that was pretty cool. They wanted us to be the witnesses and sign for them but we aren’t from Guatemala and won’t be living here forever, so it was safer that we weren’t the witnesses. After the wedding, we had a li’l “after party”. The party was at the Stake Center. The wedding was in the Ward Building. We just ate and socialized . . . So I was happy! But, yea, it was a really fun and cool day.

Then we woke up really early the next morning to get to the Stake Center at 5:00am to set up for the 6:00am baptism! Of course, it ended up starting more around 7:00am, LOL, but it was good! My Companion baptized Teresa and I baptized Luis. I forgot to say one word the first time, so I stopped halfway through and got it perfect the second time. He fully submerged on my first try, haha, so it was solid! It was a really cool experience, though! I believe you guys will see a lot of pictures of it very soon!

Then, after the baptism, we had Church at 9:00am like always. My Company and I got to be in the circle to confirm them and all that good stuff, so it was pretty cool as well. Oh, and Sunday was Fast Sunday, right? So, I got my fast on. My Companion and I ended our fast around 5:00pm and ate his HUGE bag of M and Ms ‘cause we were starrrrrving!

Well, my three-month mark was this past week on the 3rd, of course! And then, on the 4th, was my one month mark in La Colonia Maya! So, on the 3rd, I felt very nice and sick. I had like a 24-hour stomach flu again or somethin’, so I was on the toilet for a while . . . haha . . . Sorry for all the info! I won’t tell you what was comin’ out of me, but it was nasty . . . I didn’t eat much on that day. The next day, though, when I was feelin’ better, I was starving! So, for my one month mark in La Maya, we ordered some pizza and had Subway for lunch. So it was a solid day, I guess!

I bought a sweet Bob Marley shirt! Haha! It was only 5 quets, Mom! I had to get it! He isn’t smokin’ or anything, though, so don’t worry. He’s actually playin’ soccer on it, haha, and it just says “Jammin’”. Then I got a tie as well for 3 quets. Of course, these two purchases don’t come close to matching the price of my 1 quet pants, but they were solid purchases for sure.

This week in English class, we got stuck on trying to teach people how to make the sound “ee” and not the sound “i”. For instance, they must learn to say “sheet” and not the other word that would have the “i” in the middle instead of the “ee”. LOL . . . It’s very difficult for them. Of course, we took videos of them trying to stay it. Some of them got it down but most of them . . . No, they didn’t get it down . . . LOL . . .

Good news! My Companion told me I’ve been sleep talkin’ in Spanish! How sweet is that! Haha! I guess I’m catchin’ some or something then!

Today we got to go the Temple. It was my first time that I’ve done it alllllll in Spanish! It was a really solid experience and I feel like I learned a li’l something new so I was happy! Our Session was at 7:00am, so we had to wake up at 4:00am this morning, hahaha! It was fun to take a nice, cold shower that early!

I am just about finished writing a huge letter to Dylan, so I’ll be sending it tomorrow. It’s huge, hahaha! Well, but my standards, at least. But, I bet none of you care . . . Except Dylan . . . Just so ya know, though . . .

Anyway, any other questions or anything? I sure love you and thank you for everything, family!

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