Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Little Kids Don't Have Fish" - Elder Jensen

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ok . . . I know my e-mail was kinda crappy last week so I took a bunch of notes on things that have been happenin’! So before I start answering your questions, here are things that have gone on lately . . . And it’s a lot!

1. I forgot to tell you the day we got the new people at the MTC, we went to the Guatemala Zoo! I had never been to a zoo, that I can remember at least, so it was awesome! I got a bunch of pictures but not of the lions and a few other cool things cause my camera died . . . Awwww. After that we went to Wendy’s! It was amazing of course!
2. Okay . . . Embarrassing stories . . . I had a few bad dreams here . . . And my companion threw our whites in the washer without me knowing that he put a crazy amount of bleach in the washer . . . So now it looks like CSI worked on my underwear and found my stains! Now I have big orange stains on some of my underwear! Hahahaha!
3. There is an Elder here now from Costa Rica and he’s from the lower gulf area. He works at a hotel so he can hook us up after the mission to go stay there! We can see all the hammerheads, whale sharks and dolphins they have there! Crazy, huh? I’m thinkin’ after we come down to Guatemala again, we go to Costa Rica after!
4. In one of our practice lessons this week, I meant to say “little kids don’t have sins” (ninos no tienen pecados), but I said “pescados” instead . . . Which means “fish” . . . So, I said “little kids don’t have fish” and the girl started busting up! Hahahaha! Whoops!
5. I was wondering if you could send me a good jump rope and an ab work out. Maybe you can find one on the internet. I’d really love to start a new jump rope plan if it will help and I need an ab plan!
6. Out at gym, I had 5 straight goals in soccer . . . So, I’m practicing of course! Don’t worry, I still stink though . . .
7. Can you get Stacie to get Taylor Rodriguez’s e-mail for me, too? Thank you!
8. The 23rd was our month mark here in Guatemala and time is starting to fly now! So I’m very happy!
9. Can you see if Dylan has got addresses for May, Lorenzo and Jacob? Remind him that May is the girl from France. He’d have to get on my Facebook to find her, I believe.
10. I’ve read almost 200 pages of the Book of Mormon in just three days! I’ve been so addicted! I can’t wait to talk to Dad about stuff!
11. How is Fantasy Football lookin?
12. I got three contacts at the Temple again on Saturday! IT WAS AWESOME! MY SPANISH IS GOOD WHEN THE SPIRIT IS HELPIN’ ME TEACH! HAHA!
13. How’s Fantasy Baseball?

So, I don’t have much time, but there’s a nice weekly update for you! I tried to answer a lot of your questions! I’m pumped for my Clippers! I’m lovin’ what they have done with the team thus far! I can’t wait to hear from you again! Next time I write you, I’ll be in the field! I’m pumped! I’ll have an hour in the field too, I believe. I’ll try to send a pictures and another tape very soon. Love and miss you all!

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