Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All is Well

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Heyyyy! How is everyone? Lucky me, get to email again in just 5 days, huh?

Thank you for the bball updates! I was pumped to hear from Dad that we (the Clippers) got rid of Randolph. And, mom, congrats on Artest! That’s huge! You guys are takin’ it again next year for sure but 3 years and it’s all my team! I can’t wait to get home and watch my Clippers! I really, really like our Summer League Team. Got Christmas and some other guys that I really liked this last year in college. Dad is tryin to take Jared Jordan from me . . . haha. He didn’t make it with the Clippers . . . He wont make it with the Warriors. So why did the T-wolves draft Flynn and Rubio??? What are they sayin’ about that? And that totally stinks about Rasheed and Ben Gordon and Turk too. How is my Fantasy Team doin?

This last week has been solid, not much has gone on. Just still learnin’ and what not. Ummmm, oh I need McKay’s e-mail address!

How are Dylan, Dallas, Kim, Tom, Ash, Stacie....? I need to hear from them! Haha . . . I’m so greedy!

I got some “dear elders” from you guys after I was on my e-mail last week so it was too late but this is much easier to respond with than writin’ letters. Oh and I sent one of my tapes. Let me know if or when you get it. I hope it works out!

Ummmm . . . Is Dylan working out his muscles? Haha . . . What’s goin’ on down there? Thank you for all you pictures. I was lovin’ the picture of Dallas in the Speedo. And Aaliyah looks like she hasn’t gotten too much bigger . . . I’m sure she has . . . But I’m glad I can’t tell . . . Haha. Zander looks way bigger though! It’s crazy!

How was 4th of July? What’d you guys do?

My home sickness has been getting much, much better so I’m happy ‘bout that but I still think about all of you guys everyday and still look forward to seeing all of your smiles again when I get home. And being able to hug you and Aaliyah and Dad and Dylan and Dallas and Kim and Ashley and Zander and Tom and Stacie. And if Stacie has a hubby, I’ll shake his hand and if Dallas and Kim or Ash and Tom have a baby while I’m gone, I’ll shake that baby’s hand too.

I was thinkin’ for pictures, I’ll send pictures home whenever I move so then you can put up pictures or have ‘em separated by where I was at what time. So when I leave the Guatemala MTC, I’ll send you this memory card and use the other one. Then you can send the other one back and I’ll send my second one when I move spots again! Haha . . . I hope that kinda makes sense.

So Dallas . . . What’s up my dawg? How’s work playa? How’s everything? Work? Everything? Dylan, did you go see that movie? How was it? And did you get that guitar? You practicing? And how are voice lessons? Lucky . . . Keep practicin’! And, of course, how’s lifting and basketball work outs? Whatcha doin? And how are that ladies? Thank you for your updates, Dad! And the advice on how to be a leader and such!

I’m excited to be able to send you guys my pictures and another tape of my recording. Well I best be runnin’! Lemme know if you guys have more questions! I love and miss you all so much! Can’t wait to hear from all of you again! Be good everyone and keep my posted on everything! Thank you so much!

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