Monday, July 6, 2009

First news from Guatemala!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have like 20 minutes on here so I’m gonna try to be fast!

It’s been crazy not talkin’ to anyone or hearin’ from anyone but I’ve been ok! I got a “dear elder” from Mom today but it was dated June 15th! I guess we get them like every 2 weeks is my guess but I dunno! I haven’t been able to write back to anyone for like 2 weeks or almost 3 without a P-Day so yea, here I am now though!

The MTC here is much better than Provo I think. The food is different for sure but I think I like it a li’l better, even though I’ve lost like 5 lbs here. I’m learnin’ a good amount too. Spanish is still comin’ along . . . probably a month or 2 away.

My Companion is from Colorado, pretty cool guy. My other 4 roomies are from Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. They are all pretty cool so I enjoy the room time.

I guess you need every update for everything since I got here! So let everyone read this! I am Assistant to the President! So that’s pretty exciting so I’m sure hoping that makes you guys proud! I’m sure you, mother, are starting to tear up ‘bout now if you hadn’t already. It’s an easy job. I kinda wish we had to do more but it’s good.

Ummm . . . We have gym time everyday except Sunday. We have 2 outside courts - One for basketball and one for fotbol even though they are both concrete basketball courts. I play both sports every day and I do my jump road everyday too, Dad! Haha! I get to lift a li’l as well so I’m keepin’ up on mis muscolos.

Ummm . . . The President is a really cool guy though. He doesn’t always say a lot but he’s a great teacher. I guess he taught religion at BYU Idaho so he’s real good with gospel stuff. He and Dad would get along real well. I guess he played ball at Ricks too. His wife is really nice too and they both speak both languages perfectly but they can’t remember some English words sometimes.

We went to the Temple a couple days ago and its suppperrr small. It has three tiny benches in the room. The celestial room is very pretty of course. But I realize now how lucky we are to have Oakland as our home Temple. It’s huge I realize! We got to walk from the MTC to the temple or around there like 3 or 4 times. This is a really nice area of the city. Oh and I got a contact in Spanish! He gave me his address and everything for missionaries to go teach him after I gave him my li’l message.

I dunno how I’m gonna get you my pictures though! I’ll try to figure it out before next time! Right now we don’t really go see anything though . . . We just stay in this quarter mile radius.

Thank you, Dad, for all the sport updates! I’m pumped ‘bout Griffin of course. That’ll be crazy if you guys do the trade for Amare though! It’d help my fantasy team like crazy! And thank you, Dylan, for your e-mail as well! Congrats on the guitar and such and I hope you had a great time in Santa Barbara. Good job on Sosa, bra!

It’s crazy it’s almost been a month! I still get homesick sometimes and I think I probably will throughout the whole mission but I hope not! The month has gone by fast but days can go by slow sometimes, ya know?

Dallas and Kim and of course Aaliyah.... and Zander, haha, how are you guys??? I miss you all so much! I hope all is well though! And I can’t wait to hear from you guys again! I can’t wait to get out in the field but I do need more time to learn for sure.

Ummm . . . I have 2 minutes left . . . So what more to say? I record on the voice recorder every night and write in my journal so I can’t wait until those are full and I can maybe send ‘em to you! They have a lot of updates from everyday. Any big news from Gilroy or anything though?? I need all the updates and pictures you can provide in any form of mail or e-mail.

I love you all a million gazillion. Oh and Ash and Stace - Holler at me! Ahha! I love you both sooooo much! And you too, Tommy! I loveeeeeeeee youuu allllllll! Be good everyone! Ahhh love you! Time!

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